Awww, Shucks. We’re Nominated.

Wit & Delight was nominated by Bloglovin’ as one of the best lifestyle blogs of 2015. I’m humbled, thrilled and, quite frankly, a little shocked. What started as a journey to discover my own style and a medium to share my thoughts, has caught on, thanks to you.

While I’m incredibly late to thank Bloglovin’ for the nod (nominees were announced August 4th), I felt a little sheepish about the “vote for me” situation that goes along with it. So, I’m just going to say thank you, thank you, thank you to Bloglovin’ for recognizing Wit & Delight. I’m so happy the content resonates with readers, and I’m honored to be included in such great company as Camile Styles, Hello Natural, Queen of Jetlags, and Cupcakes and Cashmere; many of which I visit on the reg.

I’d like to also thank my friends and family for all of the support they’ve provided, especially when I’ve been up late at night obsessing over silly things like tile and fabric. Thank you to all of the partners I’ve had an opportunity to work with over the past year; without them I wouldn’t be able to devote myself to Wit & Delight full-time. Thank you to my husband, Joe, for his willingness to go on this crazy ride with me. Thanks to the Internet for providing endless content for consideration (and for providing entertainment while waiting at the airport), and thank you to my little Wit & Delight team. None of this is possible without you.

Most of all, thank you dear reader for all of your kind words and for taking time out of your day to visit the site. The comments on the blog and Instagram inspire me to continue to produce content and share my life with you.

Thank you.

P.S. It’s awkward and uncomfortable for me to ask, but if you feel so obliged, you can vote.

Illustration: Kate Worum