My Curious Fossil Friends

Chances are you know my friends at Fossil. They may have designed your first watch. Or crafted the leather wallet you splurged on in college, the one that stayed with you well into your late twenties because it showed it’s age gracefully (in the same way you hoped you would, too). You may have gifted your sister that exact same wallet before she went to college, and you probably saved their tins wrapped in midcentury nostalgia because to house spare change, ticket stubs, orphaned Pantone chips and that emergency stash of painkillers and Tums for the occasional hangover. That’s how I got to know them, at least.

A decade after my first Fossil watch, I’m getting to know them intimately– from the inside out– serving a creative consulting role on their Marketing Team for the past 9 months. After a long stretch of restructuring, editorial planning, brand activation, communication and social strategy, I’ve had the pleasure of watching the brand relaunch with a renewed energy and focus on what they do best: embracing a relentless curiosity for making cool things for like-minded people.

Did you notice these beautiful faces in September issues this month


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Maybe these words from the Fossil manifesto piqued your interest…unnamed (1)

Perhaps you participated in #FossilStyle or rediscovered a new wardrobe staple


Screenshot 2015-07-29 12.14.27 Screenshot 2015-07-29 12.02.33

Or maybe you noticed this Fossil x Opening Ceremony announcement at NYFW…


September has been a good month and to see all these moments come together at NYFW was a great way to celebrate. Up until this blog post, I’ve been cheering for the internal and external teams, cast members, and collaborators from behind the scenes because helping the people who work so hard to bring brands to life is the reason I got into this business (and haven’t left, even with a blog demands both my time and money to run). While there’s still work to be done, I’m most proud of how the internal team has grown as leaders and advocate to tell better, truer, more meaningful stories. There’s a lot more to watch in Fossil’s future…pun, intended.

  • HI , I’m from Australia and didn’t grow up with fossil, but found their products when I visited the states a few years ago. I love the quality of all the items I have purchased – bags wallets and watches for my family and myself, but am really sad a bout one thing. The key hardware on the wallet zips is no longer used and instead they use leather tags . It does not look as nice . PLease please please ask them to bring them back so I can but a new wallet . Thanks

  • It’s funny, because they actually DID design my first watch… well, my first REAL watch. Those cheapy sports watches you have when you’re a kid don’t count, right? 😉