Giveaway! Vrai and Oro Gold Bracelet.


That old saying “tis better to give than to receive” really rings true for me. What I love most about the holidays is that feeling of giving, whether it be time volunteering, making meals for friends and family or presenting a loved one with the perfect gift. While finding the perfect gift can sometimes be a challenge (see some ways to shop smarter this holiday season) when in doubt, I turn to the classics: books, wine, jewelry.

I’m not a big jewelry gal myself, but the pieces that I do wear are classic and simple, which is why I’m such a fan of Vrai & Oro. Their pieces are minimal and absolutely lovely. Aside from having such a wide selection to choose from, I can completely stand behind their philosophy of no markups. Yes. No markups.


With all of this goodness, and in the spirit of giving, I’ve partnered with Vrai & Oro to give away one of their lovely Bar Bracelets.

One reader will receive a Vrai & Oro Bar Bracelet in their choice of:

  • 14k Yellow, Rose or White Gold
  • Diamond or no diamond
  • Option to engrave the bracelet with a personalized message

To enter, tell me who you would gift the bracelet to and why, and what would the inscription read (20 character maximum)? One reader will be chosen at random, next Monday 1/04/16 at 12noon CST.

Entries are limited to US-only.

  • Hello!!
    I would gift the bracelet to my beautiful baby sister and I would have it read: Choose Joy. This saying was my grandmothers mantra and we both got it tattooed on use when she passed almost 2 years ago. It’s a beautiful message and we always look for ways we can share it with the world!?

  • I would gift this to my best friend who does it all. She has a full time job, is a wife and a mom to two girls. She’s going through some health issues and I want to remind her she’s loved. I would engrave “loved” on it.

  • I’d give this to my mom because she is strong, compassionate and generous. She’d always giving and thinks of everyone else first.

  • I would give the bracelet with the diamond to my mom, engraved with my brothers initials KLC and 12.21.99, the day he passed away, the diamond was his birth stone for April. This has been an incredibly hard year for her.

  • I would gift this bracelet to my colleague. She is always there to lend an ear and give me advice–it’s helped me navigate my career listening to her and her life experiences. The inscription would read “Keep it real!” because that is her outlook on life: to be practical and logical about things.

  • I would gift it to my mother. These past 8 years have not been the easiest for our family, but she has gone above and beyond to give the world to my sister and I and be an extraordinary example of grace and strength. I always voice my love and gratitude to her but with financial strains have not been able to gift her something to show my appreciation. This would be a beautiful gift. I would engrave “the three musketeers”, which is the silly name we call ourselves to describe our dedication to each other and willingness to stay strong through it all.

  • I would gift it to my mom. She is the most compassionate and selfless person I know. She does so much for our family and with this gift, I would like to tell her just how lucky and grateful I am to have her as a mom. The bracelet would say ”shpirt to shpirt,” which translates to ”soul to soul.” 🙂

  • I would gift the bracelet to my best friend. We went to college together and have been fortunate enough to work together for the past few years, but I recently got an offer to relocate and will be moving to New York in September, so I would probably put “wifey” on the bracelet. At one point, we lived together for so long that we qualified for common law marriage so that has always been our joking nickname for each other. If love for her to have something like that so that we can still be close even if we are thousands of miles away.

  • As much as I would want to share this beautiful piece with a loved one… I would be a tiny bit selfish and keep it for myself. I would engrave ‘focus’ on it. I have a hard time doing that (ADHD ugh), and I’ve been looking for something to have on my body to keep me constantly reminded. Hope the holidays are treating you and the hubs well xoxo

  • I’d gift it to my mom, with the inscription: “It’s a mechiah”. My Bubbe (her mom) passes recently and she always said this phrase in yiddish – it translates to ‘it’s a great feeling’

  • Hi there,
    I would like to give the bracelet to my best friend, who has picked me up and dusted me off after many falls in life. She has been my support and cheerleader through the most difficult times, and done it with pure love but also a firm hand! I owe her so much. Inscription: haven

  • Is it bad that I’d gift it to myself? I just had a baby 2 months ago and would love a piece of jewelry with her Initials. The first few weeks of motherhood have been the most amazing yet difficult time of my life and this would be a wonderful reminder of this accomplishment!

  • I would gift the gold bracelet to my dear friend Hannah with the inscription “This too shall pass” We constantly remind each other that bad things can’t last forever and good things can’t last either. Just a gentle reminder to be in the moment, good or bad.

  • I would gift the bracelet to my Auntie, who is like a mom to me and deserves to be showered with love for all of the things she does. I would probably inscribe it with ‘auntie’.

  • I really want to give this bracelet to my best friend. She and her boyfriend were about to emigrate to Norway. She quit her job, gave up her house, ready to leave with him, and then.. her boyfriend left her after a relationship of 7 years. She is heartbroken and I really want to be there for her. The text on the bracelet would be: ‘Be Wild and Wonder’

  • I would gift the bracelet to my mom. She’s always been a selfless person but lately she has been the caretaker for both my grandfather and my dad and she has lost herself in it. Even though she’s a bit lost, she’s smiling, because that’s what she does. She’s never had a real vacation, she’s never seen the ocean and she never buys herself anything nice. She’s deserving of something lovely.

  • This is so beautiful! My birthday is next month, so I would probably gift it to myself and inscribe it with Breathe. I have problems with anxiety, and remembering to take deep breathes (and meditating regularly) is a life saver. Thanks for sharing this lovely bracelet!

  • I would gift it to my daughter who lives and works on the opposite coast from me. This is the sort of thing she would wear everyday and it would remind her of how much I love her. I would choose yellow gold.

  • Hi, Kate!

    I would gift this to one of my dearest friends, Jen, and I would engrave it with “Soulmate”. We both believe that soulmates are two people that have a grounding connection that can felt by any two people. These connections come and go but have the power to heal and help you through what is needed at that time. She is my soulmate. She also LOVES Vrai & Oro!!

  • I would gift it to my mom in honor of her retirement and engrave it with her initials: ARN. She wears of stack of bracelets similar to this and none of them are personalized.

  • Gift to my sister with her initials, SAM. Over the holiday she treated my immediate family to the perfect weekend at her house (dinners, wine, champagne, gifts, etc). None of us get along so it was no small feat to coordinate that kind of circus. Would be a perfect thank you.

  • I would love to give the bracelet to my mom. She cares for so many people with little in return. Her mother passed away this year after my mom cared for her for years. I would inscribe “Psalm 27” which is a reminder of hope.

  • I would give this to my wife. We had our first child this year, and after a bout of severe post partum psychosis, plus a majorly financially challenged year, I feel like she deserves something special. We weren’t really able to do anything for each other this year, and she could use a little something to make her feel as beautiful as she is!

  • I would gift to my sis, who is raising her daughter on her own, after a terrible divorce. It would say her name, jasmine.

  • I would gift this bracelet to my mama, the most selfless and encouraging person I know. Her 60th is coming up, and it would be incredible to give her something she’d never get herself. I’d have it engraved with her initials.

  • I would love to give it to my cousin, who is my best friend and who had the most difficult year. I would engrave it with “Kindred Hearts”, because I want her to know that I’m always there for her.

  • Selfishly, I’d keep it for myself. I’d love the Rose gold diamond to say ‘hustle’. As a new business owner, it would be a beautiful reminder of how I’ve gotten this far, and what it takes to continue to be successful in the future. I love it!

  • I would gift it to my mom who is about to be a grandma again any day now. She has done so much for me and has already done so much for her grand baby. It would read “Grandma”, of course 🙂

  • To my sweet daughter Jenna … She is about to become a first time mama – with all it’s joy – trials- frustration and astonishment. I want her to remember our favorite saying – ” Skeershe Malpa !(smile monkey! ) . A Ukrainian phrase my little old Babka used to say to us whenever we were sad or scared –
    just grin & bear it .?

  • I would gift the bracelet to a friend of mine who had her baby about a month ago. She moved away into another state and we were pregnant at the same time feeling the same things. I would get her babies initials on the bracelet to celebrate this new season in her life.

  • Not to be selfish but I think I would keep it and engrave something that my mom used to always say. She passed away in October and it’s been really hard.

  • I would gift it to my mom and have it engraved with her three daughter’s initials. She is generous to everyone else, she deserves a little something…and this bracelet is so perfect. It’s just lovely.

  • Definitely deserved by my mother – she is an amazing force that is happiest when taking care of others. She deserves a beautiful little something, engraved with her three children’s initials.

  • I would absolutely give this bracelet to my mom. I think i’d have “K&K” inscribed on it (for my brother and my initials). So beautiful!

  • The rose gold with roman numerals is really lovely, I’d gift it to my wonderful new sister-in-law with the date of their wedding 🙂

  • I would gift it to my daughter with the inscription “wild and precious” from Mary Oliver’s poem and reminder of how I want her to face her life and she grows

  • I would gift this bracelet to my sister. She’s graduating from college this year, so it will be a big year with tough decisions and interviews and changes. I’d have to think a bit longer about what to engrave for her.

  • I would gift the bracelet to my mother, who singlehandedly raised my sister and I after my father suddenly died in a car accident 18 years ago. I am forever grateful to my mom for never giving up. I would engrave our initials or birthdays on it.

  • I would gift the bracelet to my best friend Kelsey with the inscription “ARF” which are the initials of both her daughters and she is pregnant with a third!

  • What lovely pieces they have. Simplicity. I believe I would gift the rose gold bracelet to my sister-in-law, with the inscription “Gloria” in honor of her late mother.

  • The white gold with diamond is simply enchanting just like my long-time yoga instructor! She’s inspired me to be present– both on my mat and in real life. I’d love to give it to her with the inscription, “Be All There.” This mantra is everything her teachings encompass.

  • I would love to gift it to my sister who is going to have her first baby boy probably by the end of the week. I would engrave it with his name for her

  • I’d love to gift a bracelet to my sister with her initials. She works so hard everyday as a nurse. people don’t say thank you to her enough!

  • I would give it to my friend Christine, she helped keep me sane through 2015 as I planned my wedding and dealt with family drama. Although I didn’t have a bridal party, she really stepped up as the MOH she would have been if we would have had one. I would get it in rose gold, her favorite, with “tres amigos” our nicknames from undergrad.

  • I would either keep it for myself and put my husbands initials on it as we just got married this year (rose gold with a diamond), or gift it to my mother in law with the initials of her parents who passed away this year (gold with diamond).

  • I would gift it to my mom who has gone through so much the past few years. I would it simple and have it engraved as Love as that is the only thing that has kept her going. Thanks so much!

  • I would definitely gift this to my grandmother. She always wears the most classic pieces, and with this engraved with our family name, I know it would make for an amazing keepsake!

  • I would gift this to myself, engraved with the word “asterismos”. I’m pulling myself together after an extremely difficult year in a bad job that obliterated my hobbies and interests, and it would be so helpful to have a visual reminder of the progress made and progress still to be achieved.

  • I would give it my dear friend who is an artist and writer and wonderful mother. She was in a car accident and is recovering. I think it would be a lovely surprise. It would be gold and say “faith hope love” or her children’s names . . .

  • I would gift to my partner Jay, as he is always helping others and never thinks about himself. To the love of my life. Xxx

  • I would give this to my mom who has been so supportive of me throughout this tough year. I would put “aloha” on the inscription, because I love the meaning of love, energy, and sharing.

  • I would give it to my mom for her birthday. She is the most selfless, loving person I know. I hope to be a mother like her someday. I would engrave “I’ll always need you” on it.

  • i’d gift it to my daughter with the word ‘love’ and would choose yellow gold and a diamond as it would be her first ‘real’ piece of jewelry.

  • I would gift this bracelet to my sister because she’s the most giving person I know. And would choose to get it engraved “Always in my mind”

  • Hi Kate! What a cool idea. I’d definitely get this for my bff — she’s the coolest cat I know. I’d choose the yellow gold w. the diamond and have it say: rebel, rebel

  • My sister would receive this as a token of my love and admiration of her. She is pregnant with the first baby of the family and my heart couldn’t be more full. I would have it engraved with the birth date in March.

  • I would gift this to my mom because of her life of sacrifice and love for us. I would inscribe “to the end,” or if possible this same simple phrase in Korean.

  • Love that you can engrave a message on the bracelet! I’d totally have “rock what you got” as the message–it’s my new mantra for 2016! I’d gift it to my dear friend in California who has definitely overcome so much this past year and could use a pick-me-up. What an awesome giveaway!

  • Beautiful! Definitely to my sister, engraved with the word brave – to remind her to be brave in all she does… being an amazing mom, wife, sister, photographer.

  • I would gift this to my best friend Lilly because she always loves sacrificially and unconditionally and works so hard for her family. I would engrave it with “seek justice, love mercy, walk humbly”

  • I would gift it to my sister– she’s been working hard at vet school for the last few years. She would appreciate a treat, especially jewelry.

  • I would love to give this to myself, and I would engrave it with my daughters names. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  • I would gift this to my business partner We started a small consultancy two years ago. Growing fast! I’d have it read “Dream Big”. We did. And do.

  • I would gift it to my amazing mother. She has gone through a few rough past couple of years but she never lets anything bring her down and is always encouraging us to do the same.

  • My husband and I are expecting our first child in April. I would give the gift to my son or daughter on their 16th birthday. The inscription would read “you are our greatest adventure” with their date of birth

  • I would gift the bracelet to my lovely 8 year old niece. She has the most beautiful spirit and I hope she never loses that. I’m proud of her and the young lady she’s becoming. The engraving would be “auntie loves you”

  • I would gift it to my oldest sister, she’s always giving unto others so it’d be nice for her to receive something! I wouldn’t inscribe anything bc she likes simple things, if anything I would inscribe her initials (EK) or just E for her first name 🙂

  • This is easy, I bought my GF the rose gold bar necklace for Christmas and she insisted I enter this contest. Apparently you guys have a good thing going and she wants more. Please don’t let her bankrupt me.

  • Hello,
    I would gift it to my mother who is the Rock of our family. Her and my dad have worked hard to put me through college and since I’m still in school haven’t never been able to give her anything. I would put all our initials including my father’s and the year they got married. SPJO est. 1989

  • I would give the bracelet to my best friend Mary. She has had a very good and rough year at the same time. We both fell in love with London, where we studied abroad, so on her bracelet I would want “London” inscribed and on the necklace have “Camden Town” inscribed.

  • I would gift this to my mom. She’s not big on jewelry but she really deserves a beautiful, classic piece. I would probably just have “I love you” engraved on it because she’s not told that enough.

  • I would gift this to the birth mother of the baby my husband and I will be adopting in January (and who I am blessed to call a dear friend). I am so grateful to her for this incredible gift. I would have the bracelet engraved with the baby’s name which the three of us decided on together.

  • I would love to give it to my child and it would read FUERZA in yellow gold with a diamond. She just started school and has a long road ahead of her

  • I’d be selfish and get it for me in rose gold, with a diamond, engraved “No shoes” to remind myself there isn’t always another shoe that is going to drop.

  • I would gift it to myself. I’m all alone on the holidays with no family and it never gets any easier. It would simply have my initials: KLS

  • I would gift it to my sister, she is the only one who keeps me going, she would love it in yellow gold, with a diamond engraved simply with a lowercase b

  • Most likely to my daughter, she is extremely brave and selfless. In yellow gold with her fist initial: b (lowercase). She would absolutely love a diamond to go with it, that would make her extremely happy!

  • I would gift this to my mother with the inscription “be happy” – it’s a phrase my mom always said to me as a kid and I live by that philosophy! Being able to gift her the yellow gold with diamond would be a dream!

  • I would gift this to my daughter, who is an inspiration to me every day, who is kind and generous to everyone she knows, and the very best “gifter”. I’ll have to think about the perfect inscription.

  • i’d most likely keep the bracelet for myself… i’m not a big jewelry person either but if i’m fortunate enough to be gifted them i’m extremely grateful. i’d pick gold with the diamond and engrave washington, dc’s coordinates because a lot of personal growth happened there. thanks for hosting the giveaway! happy holidays

  • To my grandmother, who turns 101 years old in less than a month. The inscription: “heute” (which means “today” in German), because she does not worry about the past or the future, but focuses on living in the present.

  • I would gift it to my son’s caregiver. My son is 27 years old, and an adult living with a cognitive disability. He lives in a vibrant adult family home, with a most WONDERFUL caregiver, Rebecca. Rebecca and her husband selflessly take care of 6 men, all with significant disabilities. For Rebecca it is a calling and a passion. We owe her so much. Her inscription would read: LOVE NEVER FAILS

  • I have to admit I’d be selfish and keep this lovely bracelet for myself! It would read BREATHE because I often need a reminder to stop and take a few deep breaths.

  • I would love to give this beautiful bracelet to my niece. She is a young mother of two toddlers, one of whom was recently diagnosed with leukemia. She has shown such strength, courage, and grace. I would have her kids initials inscribed on it with a diamond.

  • To my sister, my guardian angel. The inscription would read ‘toujours’ because she’s always been there for me; even when it wasn’t easy.

  • A beautiful bracelet, I would love myself with the words Alis Volat Propiis (she flies with her own wings)on the inscription in memory of my beautiful mum xx

  • I would give this beautiful bracelet to my sister. She is my very best friend and would just love this! This inscription would read “ttm” for “to the moon.”

  • I have a tradition of giving my sister bracelets almost every year so I would definitely give it to her! The inscription would simply read her initials, MM.

  • I would gift to myself with “the moment is now”! I’ve been needing a daily reminder to slow down and appreciate the little things!

  • I would gift this bracelet to my sister and have it engraved with her initials, HET. She’s been wanting more gold accessories, and I think this piece would suit her personality perfectly: timeless and elegant yet unfussy. Thanks, Kate!

  • I would gift this beautiful bracelet to my mom for her upcoming birthday. She is simply elegant and adores jewelry in this style, and does everything she can for the people around her. I’m not sure what I would choose to inscribe on it. Maybe her initials!

  • I would gift this to my mom who stayed with me for the first two weeks of my sons life with us to help out. It was a gift I can’t repay but I would engrave it with her grandkids’ initials.

  • I’d give it to my best friend, Jen, who’s opening her first exhibition as a Stateside curator – Atoms + Bytes, at the Bellevue Arts Museum – in April. I’d engrave it with “Brave” to remind her that even when she thinks she isn’t, she is.

  • I am hoping to be able to give this bracelet to my soon to be sister-in-law. She is the most giving and hardest working person I know. She has not had an easy life and her childhood story is heartbreaking, but she’s never complained about the responsibility she had to take on at a young age. Now as a new mom, she works two jobs on her feet to help support her family. She is turning 27 next month and I would like to be able to give her an extra special gift but I am a new mom as well and out of work. The bracelet would say “Kenna Devon” which is her baby’s name (and Devon is the name of her best friend who passed away recently). I would so appreciate the chance to give her something she wouldn’t be able to buy herself.

  • It would go to my wife, who reads your blog (I found this on her feedly!). We just had my family here with us for Christmas and it was an incredibly trying time for us all (painkiller addiction featured as well as stomach viruses). She is an amazing mother to our sons, one of which has multiple serious food allergies and I would love to gift her this bracelet to remind her how much I love and value her. She would love the rose gold bracelet and it would read ‘M&M’ (our two sons’ initials).

  • My buddy Alexa is going through some rough times, so I would gift her “follow your arrow” as a reminder to keep trusting herself.

  • I might keep it for myself – it’s so beautiful! I would have it say “kenkamken,” which means “I love you” in Yup’ik.

  • I would give the bracelet to my daughter and inscribe “Stolt av deg” on it which means “proud of you” in Norwegian. I am trying to say this simple phrase more often to both my kids since I didn’t hear this enough and it feels amazing!

  • I would gift the bracelet to my sister and have “Beeg & Peeps” engraved, the nicknames of her husband and pup. It is such a beautiful piece!

  • I have a friend who has shown me a lot of love. I live abroad and she took time off from work to pick me up when I flew to the states, spend time with me, and drive me to my hometown to see my parents. Because I didn’t fly home for Christmas and she knew my mother was missing me, she stopped by her home, visited with her, and took her flowers. Lastly, after the Paris attacks she was the first person to contact me(besides my mother) and talk me through the events and my emotions. Friends can be a great ear and they can be of great physical presence and offers of small acts of service and kindness. I’d give the bracelet to her because she is an example of friendship.

  • I’d gift to my best friend. After moving home to care for her sick father & watching him pass away, she’s truly had a tough time. I’d have it engraved MDD in honor of her dad.

  • I would give it to my daughter. She is due shortly with her second little boy, and she is a wonderful Mother to our Grandson. I would have JJJ engraved on it, for her three guys.

  • I would give it to my girlfriend because she goes on about how much she loves your jewelry, maybe the bracelet would shut her up 😉 I gave her the necklace for her birthday and she loves it! I know how happy she would be if she got a matching bracelet. The necklace is in silver so I think it would be nice if they matched and I would like to engrave a heart.

  • I would gift this to my dear friend who is going through a very difficult time and a very heart breaking divorce. I would put her sons birth date on the bracelet because he is her happiness.

  • This would go to me dear friend who is not only going through a heart breaking divorce but also a very difficult time. I would put her sons birth date since he is her happiness, her angel.

  • What a lovely idea! I read all of the entries and I believe each individual is a little more guided and grounded simply by having moved through this tiny bit of journaling.

    Yesterday I learned that a young journalist has embarked on a journey to write the story of my best friends murder. She is doing this on behalf of the family to pursue justice but in this age of sensationalism I’m concerned about the temptation to distort the facts for better storytelling. This would not help the case. I’d give her a white gold bracelet with my friends name engraved on it. Elizabeth Wells Andes.

  • These are so nice! I would gift it to my mom, she never buys anything really nice for herself and she would love this simple piece. I would most likely do the version with the diamond and no engraving, although engraving her own mother’s initials might be an idea, I’d have to think on it more haha

  • I would gift it to my mom (common answer, but mine is beyond spectacular). She has had a tough year. Both of her children have moved to opposite sides of the country. She is the type of mother that sheds a tear every time you say goodbye, no matter how long you are to be away. She drives two hours every weekend to be with my grandmother, who is legally deaf and worst nightmare would be to be placed in a home). She works with mentally disabled children all week. And hasn’t purchased a clothes/jewelry/ anything for her self in over ten years. She also has to put up with me: an overly critical perfectionist who puts too much pressure on people. That alone deserves a body suite of jewels! It would be a rose gold bracelet, with the diamond, and an inscription of my grandfathers initials. He passed away two years ago unexpectedly and left a large wound in the family that will take a long time to heal. Thanks for the opportunity <3

  • I would give it to myself and I would engrave my Birthday with Roman numerals. It woul be a white gold bracelet with the diamond.

  • I would gift this to my sister, and inscribe it with “inspire” in hopes that she finds something everyday to do that for her.

  • I would give it to my sister. She’s been going through a very hard time with her personal issues that I cannot disclose in public… but I want her to be able to see my message to her every day in an elegant way. The inscription would read “choose happiness”.

  • I’d gift this to my best friend, who I see so rarely now that I live in Berlin. The inscription would be ‘my twin’, with a diamond, as we were asked if we were twins once when we were kids, which is hilarious because physically-speaking, we are the opposite of each other in almost every way. I would want her to have this because she has given up so much and works so hard as a mom, and after more than 25 years as friends, she’s still my twin.