Koselig in the Home

I’ve come across a few articles on how Scandinavians live and enjoy the winter, a winter in which daylight just barely peeks above the horizon, all with the sense of koselig. This roughly translates to “cosy” or “warmth”, not a literal warmth, but that feeling you get when surrounded by good friends over a long, luxurious meal. After my recent trip to Scandinavia, I wanted to bring this feeling back home with me.  This winter, I’m determined to make the most of the season and if I’m going to be home I’ve partnered with Ugg and their line of home goods to surround myself with a few key pieces that not only convey this warmth, but work well within the rest of the house.

Product DetailsBy swapping out a few couch pillows, the space already feels different. The windowpane leather pillow, replaces the lighter and more colorful pillows I use during the summer. Something about the leather begs for it to be touched. Something about leather makes it feel like it was made for this season. I love the minimalist crafting, and knowing that it will continue to look better with age.

DSC00377 copy

As you know, I have an old house, and even with the renovation, it’s still has drafts in just about every room that wasn’t updated (roughly 75% of the house) which means I have blankets everywhere. The edition of the Glacier Plaid Throw is is a new edition to the mix, and is quickly becoming a favorite, for everyone (including Winnie). The simple plaid works in every room, and looks perfect folded or casually tossed.

DSC00355 copy

The addition of the sheepskin rug adds just a bit of a rustic, cabin vibe to my otherwise modern house. Bonus: it looks great in front of the fireplace.


I’m hoping these new pieces inspire my own sense of koselig, all winter long.

  • sorry, was this post about something other than winnie? because that’s all i saw in these photos. hi, puppy, hi!

    i jest. (sorta).

    had no idea ugg had a home range – may very well be the definition of ‘koselig’…

  • There’s been an awful lot of sponsored “native content” on W&D lately. It’d be nice to get back to some sponsored content so that we can see some more authentic moments. It’s also not always totally transparent that the content is sponsored. =/

  • Thank you for this post! I’ve just moved back to the Twin Cities after 10 years in California and I think I’ve gotten into my own head about “enduring” the winter again. I am reminded that there is so much beauty to appreciate here, especially in winter, and a change in mindset is all we need sometimes. And a cozy, beautiful space (and cute pet), of course!

    Also, your home is just lovely; I’ve enjoyed getting a peek into your renovation. Very inspiring as I’m looking to buy an old home soon too :). Cheers.