Say Cheese

When I was younger, I remember my neighbors receiving a “fruit of the month” gift from their employers. It was such a novelty to have a basket of different fresh fruit sent out each month. I always looked forward to it. What was such a novelty back then is becoming more and more commonplace: Birchbox, BarkBox, Dollar Shave Club. Just about anything you could possibly want can be delivered to you on a semi-regular basis. With the way most schedules are these days, I welcome a service that will deliver my necessities to my door (shout out to Instacart and Postmates!). What is so wonderful about these services, is that most of them are subscription and they arrive each month (or quarterly, depending on your plan) to a giddily exuberant “Yes! I completely forgot about this”. Or that just might be me.

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Boka is a relatively new subscription service, which provides a very basic necessity on a quarterly basis: a new toothbrush. Wait, I know that you are thinking “I don’t need a subscription to get a new toothbrush. I can remember to purchase a new one”. I know because I thought that too. And then I read that if you don’t change your toothbrush every three month, bacteria starts to build up. Bacteria you can’t see. Bacteria that then gets in your mouth. Bacteria that can prevent your teeth from getting clean. Yuck.

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Boka offers a few different subscription plans and options to include toothpaste and/or floss (both made of natural ingredients) along with the quarterly toothbrush. They also have a program similar to TOMS; get a toothbrush and one toothbrush will be donated to the charity Surge, which helps provide to communities around the globe safe, sustainable drinking water, sanitation and hygiene solutions.

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Boka was developed by James Hagen, President of American Dental Accessories, and Zeus Jones, a Minneapolis-based Design Agency, which means the product is not only legit, but the design is impeccable.

Images: Boka