Six Paint Colors Worthy of Ditching White Walls

While I love the look of clean and crisp white interiors, a white wall will always be an opportunity. I’m so excited to see muted colors make a comeback and there are so many ways you can incorporate color into your decor without taking too big a risk. For example, we painted our powder room ceiling peach! Because, why not get a little wild? If you don’t love it, paint over it.

I’ve pulled together inspiration and paint swatches for the 6 hottest shades this season. Enjoy the eye candy and get your paint brushes ready.


1.Muted Green

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Calming as can be, muted greens look especially dreamy with lots of natural light flooding in. Our sunroom is a sage green and we love the way it plays with the all the greenery outside our windows.


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2. Ashy Grey




If you’re afraid to ditch the white, you’d be surprised how far a light shade of grey will go. It goes with everything and can look super sophisticated in any space.


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3. Peachy Pinks


Bild fotograferad för Ikea Livet hemma, 160121. Beställare Johanna Ridemar och Anna Lenskog Belfrage, Futurniture.




Without a doubt, the “it” color of the year. The trick is to go towards the warmer spectrum with pinks. Too cool and it’ll look like Barbie’s playhouse.Pinks

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4. Dusty Blue



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I have one big regret with our remodel. We had plans to paint the white cabinets a pale blue. I backed out, worrying that in a couple years it would look dated and too busy with the patterned floor. I really, really wish I would’ve gone for it… so much so I’ve thought about getting the painters back out to the house. So, what do you think? Should I go for it? Dusty blue is my favorite hue!!


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5. Buttery Yellow




Just think of it as cream on steroids. Match it with the palest of grays and you’ve got a seriously chic color combo. Afraid to coat your walls with yellow? Consider doing just the ceiling or a door.



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6. Muted Navy




Navy paint is the little black dress of interior design. It’s always in style and it is always sophisticated. dark-blues

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