The Weekly Edit

One of unexpected challenges of having a newborn is finding ways to do normal tasks at work and home with only one hand. It’s surprisingly difficult. But what it has given way to is more time to scour the internet for cool stuff. I miss the days when I had a fulltime job and could take a lunch hour just to get inspired.  Now I have 8-12 feedings a day to sit and explore, and I’m hoping the extra time results in semi-regular weekly edits!

Here’s what I’m loving this week

+ Baskets from Local and Lejos are perfect for catch-alls around the house. They come is really cool patterns. We have them set up around the studio for things like sunglass and car keys.

+ I’ve been toting the Claude bag from Sezanne all over town. It’s like that Chloe bag you see everywhere but less girly and way more affordable.

+ Misha & Puff just launched a version of their famous popcorn sweater for adults! How fun is this Confetti Cake yarn? So beautiful.

+ Here’s a subscription service I can get behind! Quarterlane sends a handpicked selection of page-turners right to your door each quarter. Perfect for those of us who want to read more but can’t seem to find the time to pick just one.

+ I can’t stop thinking about these Circle Earrings by Young Frankk. Love the shape, profile and simplicity.

+ The weather is getting cold(er) and that means I’m ready to break out the wool hats. This year I’m looking forward to getting my hands on an updated classic from Preston & Olivia. So many fun styles. Check them out!