W&D Loves: Reform

IKEA gets a bad rep. It’s not good for the environment. The quality is poor. Their pieces won’t stand the wear and tear of time. While all of these things are true in many ways, the spirit of IKEA is rooted in modernity and a DIY mentality. If you look at self-assembly as an opportunity to make something new, opportunities begin to present themselves. That’s exactly why Reform built a business around IKEA’s approachable price point and read-to-ship supply model.


How does it work? There are four simple steps. You plan and measure your kitchen. (Reform does offer assistance in planning, which is great.) Purchase your cabinets from IKEA. (They do advise using consultants at IKEA to help you find the best configuration and positioning.) The next steps is easy: all you have to do is select your Reform fronts and measure your tabletop. The fronts and tops are sent directly to your house ready for mounting.


Now, what about cost? You can update an existing Ikea kitchen for about $1,180. An incredible value if you compare the cost of having custom fronts built. I really wish I would have known about Reform when we started our studio build out!

reform_basis_linoleum_009 reform_basis_painted_005 reform_basis_linoleum_001 reform_basis_linoleum_010

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For many people, the heart of the home is the kitchen, but it’s often overlooked when it comes to design. Often our kitchens are white and neutral with design as an afterthought. Reform wants to change this. We collaborate with the best Danish and internationally acclaimed architects to reform our kitchens – and our everyday lives – with great design.

Reform projects start with a basic ingredient – elements from the IKEA kitchen. Add our architect-designed fronts and table tops to create an aesthetic and personal new style that combines quality construction, function and timeless design.

We also offer affordable and great-looking updates to your already installed IKEA kitchen – old, well-functioning kitchens can get an upgraded new style with our designs. Furthermore, we are offering adjustable fronts for your IKEA PAX wardrobe, your BESTÅ sideboard or your GODMORGEN bathroom cupboard.

Images courtesy of Reform