Weekly Edit: Waffles, Giveaways, and a Trump Tracker

We’re almost done with January – but for those of us in the North, winter is just getting started. I’m excited to usher in a new month with a new theme next week. I’ll keep this short so we can get right to it:

First – we’re getting the Wit & Delight newsletter up & running!  We’re excited about this new way of chatting with you all.  Please let us know what your loving in the newsletters and what else you’d like to see.  Sign up to receive the newsletter here!

There’s a pretty sweet giveaway going on over at Decorist right now: $4000+ giveaway which includes $2000 in tile, $1500 in products from Rejuvenation, along with design help from Decorist designer, Ashley Redmond.  We used both Fireclay tile and Rejuvenation fixtures in the studio space, so we’re happy to pass this info along to you guys!  

I love Erin Loechner’s voice – she has an incredible book out describing her journey away from fast, fame and frenzy.  Chasing Slow has been a great mantra for me lately – check out her book if you’re like me and need the reminder to move over to the slow lane.

Focusing on eliminating qualifiers in my language lately has been important, yet tough, work.  Thank goodness for Google – here is a Google extension for eliminating qualifiers from your e-mails.

Trump Track makes it easy to follow updates on the President’s first 100 Days in Office. I found it really helpful and easy to follow! It’s nice to get a clean look at what he outlined in the campaign and what he’s making good on. 

PSA: Weekends Are For Waffles. Just a little reminder.

This new non-toxic nail polish is pretty and better for you than what’s on your nails right now.

Has anyone tried THINX? I’m considering it… 

This Tumblr is my new favorite.

Lovely signage for your home.

Who knew velvet and baseball shirts were made for each other? I love this top.

Have a great rest of your week!

Image c/o The Window

  • Kate, IMO Thinx and other period undies have felt messy and smelly when I’ve used them, since everything tends to just sit there until you change into a fresh pair. If you’re looking to go nontoxic and enviro-friendly I highly recommend a Diva cup. I tell all my girlfriends, in the 10 years I’ve used one it’s been so life changing it feels like my duty to womenkind in my life. You’ll be able to go all day without changing it and once the adjustment period stabilizes (which is more mental confidence than anything else) you’ll even be able to work out, do yoga and swim or wear white pants and not have to worry AT ALL.

  • I actually really love my Thinx. They don’t feel messy or smelly at all to me, and they’re easy to care for. I bought 4 pairs, but I think after this pregnancy, I might get a couple more.

    Full disclosure: I don’t have really heavy periods and have never felt the need to wear anything in addition to my Thinx, though their website suggests that you might need to. I’ve never had a problem!

  • “It’s nice to get a clean look at what he outlined in the campaign and what he’s making good on.” Do you support him?

  • I’ve been using solely Thinx and a diva cup for well over a year and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made- I have a really crazy heavy period so for the first day, and Thinx have been fine. Sometimes I bring a back up pair on those days but they absorb well and I’m not tossing the 6+ tampons I used to use on heavy days. With the Diva cup it’s never ever an issue.