12 Gallery Walls to Inspire Your Next Weekend Project

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Art has a special place in the home, and the way we display it can change its meaning and impact on those who enjoy it day in and day out. Displaying artwork is one way I keep my home fresh, and more recently I completed a gallery wall in my living room, consisting of 15 framed prints. I’m pretty happy with how it came together! Now, I’m no stranger to planning and executing these types of projects, but this recent creative endeavor was a seemingly effortless project thanks to selecting all same-size prints. This makes for a much easier measuring and planning session from the get-go. But here’s a pro tip: no matter what size or shape of images you choose – you still need to measure and mark the walls before hanging! I’ve learned this the hard way, especially since we have a home consisting of plaster walls.

Since we often receive so many enthusiastic comments about gallery walls on Instagram and Pinterest, the editorial team thought it was due time I rounded up 12 of my favorite collections to fuel your very own gallery wall weekend project. Which one is your favorite? Are you more of an orderly grid person or do you like a mix of different shapes and sizes? Happy hanging guys!

12 Gallery Walls to Inspire Your Next Weekend Project – Wit & Delight

The uniform grid might be the easiest of the bunch to attain, as you only need to choose one consistent frame and medium. This monochromatic assortment reminds me a lot of the gallery I just designed in my house. Little room for error aside from not measuring correctly!

12 Gallery Walls to Inspire Your Next Weekend Project – Wit & Delight

Looking for an out-of-the-box way to display your kiddo’s latest art creations? Frame their masterpieces, find some blank wall space, and play around with the layout until you find the right fit! This shot is taken from our recent interview with Erin Duininck of The Golden Rule. I’m looking forward to recreating this look down our basement stairs when August starts producing more artwork. He loves to paint!

12 Gallery Walls to Inspire Your Next Weekend Project – Wit & Delight

I wish I had the wall space for a bold more formal look like the dining room shown above. If you have the space for it, go for it by hanging four large prints in a grid format using a consistent frame. If you’re anything like me, your brain will appreciate the symmetry!

12 Gallery Walls to Inspire Your Next Weekend Project – Wit & Delight

For a minimalistic gallery, frame your pieces with an unassuming border and a neutral color palette. Here’s an easy tip: to pull an assortment together, apply a mat to each print you intend to display. The consistency will keep your collection from looking cluttered.

12 Gallery Walls to Inspire Your Next Weekend Project – Wit & Delight

Ok, so this one is a showstopper. Even if you don’t have an epic staircase there is a lot to take away from this space! To establish this modern, yet artistic and eclectic vibe, turn the biggest wall space in your home into a gallery wall from top to bottom. Get creative and experiment with different frames depending on the art or print. Guests will feel as though they’re walking into a museum each time they visit! I love how they also built shelving into this gallery. So cool.

12 Gallery Walls to Inspire Your Next Weekend Project – Wit & Delight

If you’re looking for a more organic feel, choose pieces varying in size and let one large print serve as the focal point of the collection. Don’t limit yourself to just prints and photos, hang simple treasures for added dimension.

This is the gallery wall I recently designed in my living room. I opted for gold vintage frames that bring my hand-drawn prints to life. If any of the prints catch your eye, you’re in luck! They will be available sometime later this spring, so stay tuned.

12 Gallery Walls to Inspire Your Next Weekend Project – Wit & Delight

To showcase a little taste of your personality, select a handful of wall art and/or prints that reflect you. Don’t be afraid to hang your collection against a bright colored backdrop like the candy-pink above! The accent will amplify your art, we promise.

12 Gallery Walls to Inspire Your Next Weekend Project – Wit & Delight

This one is a favorite of mine. For a nontraditional gallery, find an unexpected corner or area in your home to hang your frames. Play around with different orientations with a diverse mix of horizontal, vertical, and square. You can also add some drama by placing the frames super close together, so they read as one piece instead of a bunch of individual frames.

12 Gallery Walls to Inspire Your Next Weekend Project – Wit & Delight

Modern doesn’t necessarily always need to mean minimal. For a contemporary and clean gallery, incorporate classic colors like black, white, and a pop of metallic. Prints with more negative space will feel less chaotic and lighter. This space also shows that posters aren’t just for dorm rooms.

I’m a sucker for vintage pieces found at the back of the antique store. I suggest putting them to good use by displaying old family photos in antique frames for a meaningful yet beautiful and nostalgic gallery wall.

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BY Kate Arends - February 20, 2018

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Ahh, always love myself a good gallery wall. My favourite has to be the uniform grid in the first picture, followed by the minimalist look. So beautiful!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Diana Diaz
February 22, 2018 6:24 am

Hello! For a couple of weeks we moved in our new (rented) appartment. We know that it’s provisory because in a year or so we will be moving in our (our!) house. Anyway, we would like to give life in our inside and for that we brought our old but lovely art for this walls and we want to do at least 3 gallery walls. We are not willing to do holes in this walls, because of the short time we are going to spend in here. That’s why I would love to know if you’ve tried any other “hanging”… Read more »

February 27, 2018 1:29 pm
Reply to  Diana Diaz

Oh man Diana there are so many options now a days! 3M Velcro art strips are one of the best and most surprisingly easy hanging tools I’ve used for some pretty hefty frames. If you have a really heavy frame I would stick to Monkey wire – which creates a tiny hole in dry wall – it’s very easy to spackle since it’s so small. Between 3M strips & monkey wire you could create an entire wall with holes smaller than tacks!

Vishal Tyagi
March 21, 2018 2:46 pm

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May 31, 2018 2:51 pm

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June 13, 2018 2:54 pm

Hi! Can I ask wheer you got the frames for the gallery wall you did?

June 21, 2018 9:31 pm

I love gallery walls too! I have had them in our rental for a very long time. I need to be brave and maybe expand them a bit? What do you think?

November 5, 2018 2:31 pm

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