12 Rooms Where a Colorful Couch Steals the Show

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One of the best things to happen to the decor scene is the return of the statement couch. What is a statement couch, you ask? Here at W&D, it means any sofa that totally and utterly commands a room. Lately, my favorite kind of statement couch is that of the colorful variety. A colorful couch is a refreshing way to tie a room together or show off your personality without having to say anything at all. And no, they don’t have to be loud or overpowering! Pair that colorful couch with an earthy minimalist rug, beautifully textured pillows, and a few warm wood accents and suddenly it becomes the central feature in your new favorite room. Also, when it comes to sofas and any furniture really, I’m all for velvet everything, but that can be a difficult sell when you have two babies under two and a white-haired fur baby that loves cuddling on the couch every night. So please, buy the dark velvet sofa. Do it for me!

But because I am always dreaming and scheming for my next big redesign (and who knows when we might move and I can finally create my own dream reading room), the team pulled together twelve absolutely stunning rooms that have the happiest-hued sofas. I’m especially loving the mustard and emerald-toned retro styles below. Which sofa styles are you gravitating toward?! Are you more of a deep navy kind of person or could you pull off a pink couch?

1. This impeccable gallery wall paired with this bright surge of tangerine sunshine makes for the coziest little reading nook.

2. The soft simplicity of this room combined with the powder blue velvet sofa works well with the antique gold furnishings; the only thing we are missing here is a beautiful coffee table.

3. I love all the bright colors woven together here and that shelving above this retro-styled sofa really brings the room together in both style and balance.

4. I never thought I would love this shade of green as much as I do but everything about this room just works!

5. This soft mauve-pink sofa paired with this Beni Ourain rug and matching gallery wall makes for a peaceful and relaxing living room.

6. This emerald green velvet sofa contrasts so well with the bright white backdrop here. The oversized leather armchairs keep the room from feeling overly feminine, allowing you to get more creative when styling.

7. We recently interviewed Erin Duininck of the Golden Rule Collective and we had the chance to visit her beautiful home in Excelsior, Minnesota, where we instantly fell in love with the bright pink velvet sofa found in her living room.

12 Rooms Where a Colorful Couch Totally Steals the Show – Wit & Delight

8. This blood-orange loveseat pulls the room together in an unexpected way and looks amazing over a neutral-toned ’70s style shaggy rug.

9. To my surprise, the light pink notes complement this mustard yellow couch quite well, making the room feel feminine and fresh!

12 Rooms Where a Colorful Couch Totally Steals the Show – Wit & Delight

10. This jade tufted sofa placed between two large potted plants gives this living room a botanical look I’m loving.

11. This color palette is spot on. The white walls combined with the black and white accents allow the candy-colored couch to do the shouting!

12. A contrast to the couches already listed, this sapphire blue sofa is shown against a rich blue backdrop that feels both dramatic and sophisticated at the same time.

Image sources: top / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12


BY Kate Arends - February 9, 2018

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I often stay away from colourful furniture, but these couches are such beautiful statement pieces. I love them. My favourite has got to be the soft mauve-pink sofa!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

February 9, 2018 11:19 am

Pardon, I realize this isn’t the focus of this post, but I am crazy for the look of black metal windows and doors like are featured in your first image and I’m having such a hard time finding any options that even approach affordable – just wondering if you have any experience with this or any advice/manufactures that you’ve worked with over the course of all the remodel work and research you’ve been doing?
I have been loving your aesthetic and blog for many years, thank you for all the quality products and great design you’ve shared with us.

February 9, 2018 4:32 pm

These are so beautiful and I adore the velvet!! My next couch will definitely be like this!

Eva | http://www.shessobright.com

February 10, 2018 9:45 am

Do you know where Erin got her pink velvet sofa? I love it! Thanks.

March 1, 2018 7:56 am

Amazing work. I like to read such good news. It is very cool to know such information

March 7, 2018 5:51 am

i also recently posted about a blue velvet dream soda, but sadly, since i have a white cat, it’ll have to remain a dream. i love the pink velvet one!

January 19, 2019 11:11 pm

I really like the sofas. I am just wondering if its a good idea to be also bit selective with the color of everything that goes around the sofa in the room like should you go with some how matching color rugs that go with the sofa or totally go with some dull vintage nuetral light color rugs so the sofa even stands out more??? your thoughts??
I am looking to buy some rugs from area rugs weaver but scratching my head what will look better.

April 3, 2021 12:48 pm

Hi I love this no. 10 jade tufted sofa. Where is it rom please?

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