California Dreamin’: Get that Cali-Cool Decor Aesthetic

Whenever I visit California, I wish I could take pieces of it home with me. The citrus-scented air, a bevy of mid-century modern antiques, the gorgeous foliage, and maybe two or three days a week of that warm California sun. Take one look at the decor boards on Pinterest and you’ll see I’m not alone. That effortless modern-meets-boho look is having a major moment. I swear 95% of my feed is comprised of lots of natural light, organic textures, and bohemian accents. Known for its use of mid-century lines, warm colors and nods to nature, the Golden State’s decor aesthetic is (seemingly) effortless and easy. So what’s a northerner to do? You don’t have to live in a Richard Neutra house to give your home a bit of California-cool. Here are 10 design tips to turn that Tudor home into a laidback bungalow.

Bright white walls coupled with natural light provide the perfect canvas for designing a California inspired room. Spice things up with natural textures, patterned textiles, and an end-of-bed bench.

An open shower lined with snow white subway tiles make a smaller sized bathroom feel more spacious and airy. For a touch of boho, install organic wood shelving and add a woven basket. Printed cement tile is used on patios in many warm climates but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a design cue and bring it indoors.

The dark wood floors contrast beautifully against the verticle paneling of the walls. Incorporate various textures by adding rattan decor, a soft lounge chair and a tropical plant of your choice.

Don’t be afraid to pile on the pattern! Colorful patterns like the ones used in this kid’s room above are an important layer to a room’s overall aesthetic.

To offset the starkness of white walls and linens, choose a bold accent color, like indigo. This pop of deep blue paired with nature-inspired wooden decor will solidify the coastal essence of the room.

For a calm and collected home office, search for furniture that is rich in texture and warm in color like the rattan handwoven chair and trash bin.

This live wood-edged headboard outfitted with white linens feels laid back and light. For an unexpected twist, substitute your traditional nightstand with a rattan bar cart.

Indoor plants are a simple way to bring a bit of California’s outdoor lifestyle indoors. Place them in a mid-century plant stand to make them feel more purposeful.

Pair your rustic barn table with mid-century chairs for a balanced yet stylish look. Add a gold or copper light fixture into the mix to evoke a much-needed sense of warmth and timeless charm.

Skip the shades and let the sunshine in! A white flowy curtain paired with lighter linens will keep your bedside feeling fresh and cloud-like.

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