What Should We Do Tonight? A W&D Quiz

The eternal question: What should we do tonight? If you are anything like me, at the end of the day, I don’t want to make any more decisions. So rather than participate in the hunger march (our clever little phrase for that activity of either walking past or continuously naming restaurants convinced there is something better) or playing “I don’t care,” let fate, or this quiz, decide.


What's Your Energy Level Right Now?

What's Your Cash Flow Situation?

How Long Have You Known Your Date?

What's Tomorrow Look Like?

What Should We Do Tonight?
Low-Key Night
Grab your comfy pants and get ready to have a low-key hang. Here are a few ideas for you: a Netflix binge, Take a Walk, Play Board Games, Do a Puzzle, Order in.
Insta-worthy Night Out
Make sure your phone is charged and be ready for adventure. Some ideas: axe-throwing, bar crawl, karaoke, public transit date, dessert roulette, street fair, concert.
Let's Get Physical
Ditch the heels, pull back your hair and get ready to sweat. Go dancing, take a kick-boxing class together, go roller-skating, take a really, really long walk (then play dessert roulette), go rock climbing, explore a different part of your city without the aid of Yelp.
Intellectual Pursuits
Expand your mind, and your point of view. Go to a gallery, play trivia, host a game night, attend a poetry reading, dress up and go to the opera, attend a cooking class.

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