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Editor’s Note: We will be refraining from posting on tomorrow and Friday to allow the focus to remain on supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Each day reveals how much work we have to do. Long-term change in our thinking and behavior is our goal. We are outlining and beginning to implement a plan to make actionable improvements, as well as feature more BIPOC voices. We will share this on Monday and ask for accountability over time. We will continue to share resources and amplify BIPOC voices on our social media accounts. Be safe.

Following protests in Minneapolis and St. Paul in response to the murder of George Floyd, the Twin Cities community is coming together to offer support to the many people and neighborhoods who need assistance. We’ve compiled an updated list of resources, including information about where to donate money, information about supply drop-offs and how to support them, and information about how to get involved with community cleanup efforts.

We have heard from people expressing that they don’t know what to do next; what tangible steps to take right now. Today we’re providing some options.

While the below resources are focused primarily on the Minneapolis and St. Paul communities, some of the suggestions will be applicable in many other cities facing similar circumstances right now. 

This information has been accumulated through recommendations we’ve received from friends, readers, and people we follow on social media. Please know that this list is by no means exhaustive, and we are fully open to additional ideas you’d like to leave in the comments.

Monetary Donations

Some of the organizations that have been widely shared this past week (Minnesota Freedom Fund and Reclaim the Block) have now asked that donations be dispersed to other organizations and areas that need funding. Below are some of the areas where your donations can be directed:

Donations of Goods

With the closure of businesses and halting of public transit options, many community members have been cut off from access to needed items. Supply drop-offs have been set up around the Twin Cities in response.

Supply Drop-Off Locations in the Twin Cities

Please keep in mind that donation needs and drop-off location details are changing rapidly and vary by location. Below we’re listing a few drop-off locations that have been happening this week (and will likely continue in the days to come), as well as information about how you can find drop-off locations in your area.

  • The Coven is currently acting as a drop-off site in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis. They are announcing drop-off details on their Instagram account.
  • Pimento Kitchen has been accepting donation drop-offs at their Nicollet Avenue location. Please refer to their Instagram account for updated donation needs.
  • Pop-up food pantries are being operated daily in North Minneapolis at the intersection of Broadway and Emerson avenues and in St. Paul at the intersection of Central and Lexington avenues.
  • Golden Rule Gallery is taking donations every morning this week at the back door of their shop in Excelsior. Follow their Instagram account for updated information.
  • You can reference this map for regularly updated supply drop-off location information through the Twin Cities.
  • You can find a list of local food shelves through Hunger Solutions. Please refer to individual food shelf websites for updated donation needs.
  • Many schools are hosting individual donation drives to provide supplies for students and their families. You can determine the needs of your local schools by visiting their websites and social media pages.

Other Ways to Help at Supply Drop-Offs

Donation needs are evolving rapidly and certain drop-off locations have been flooded with items. Locations may also be looking for volunteer help to sort and organize existing donations, or for help redistributing donations to shelters and other locations throughout the city. Many drop-off locations have also requested boxes for sorting, packaging, and transporting donations. Please refer to your individual drop-off site for information on these additional needs.

Community Cleanups

Community cleanups are being organized throughout the Twin Cities to assist neighborhoods and buildings that have been damaged in the past week. Cleanup efforts and needs are regularly shifting and are announced on an ongoing basis. Support the Cities is a great resource to look to for updated information on cleanup locations.

These are some helpful items to bring to cleanups:

  • Work gloves
  • Large shovels (for collecting glass)
  • Brooms
  • Buckets
  • Garbage bags

The cleanup and donation efforts in the Twin Cities communities are entirely community-led and information is being updated regularly. This document is an excellent, comprehensive, frequently updated resource for up-to-date information on ways to support or learn more about the Minneapolis protests.

BY Jackie Saffert - June 3, 2020

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June 12, 2020 8:38 am

I don’t want to take away from the many initial needs in the community, but there are many organizations that will be in need of ongoing funding to help bridge the large racial disparities in the Twin Cities. is one such organization – a workforce development non-profit with tailored programs, includes focuses on family stability and on youth. While they serve people of all races, over 50% are black. It’s great to see so many blogs and influencers posting now about ways to help in the community. Please don’t stop! We need short-, middle- & long-term action plans.

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