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Why Decorating Your Home Is Good for Your Mental Health

I was knee-deep in a bin of organized socks when I realized I was doing it again. Rage cleaning. When I can’t control my worries with meditation or a good SSRI (praise be), I will indulge in a night of rage cleaning—wherein I feverishly tidy every corner of my home hoping to uncover some sort […]

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What 10 Years of Blogging Taught Me

It’s hard to escape the past when you’ve written about it almost weekly for a decade. When I started Wit & Delight, I had little to no expectations for what would become of this little platform. 3.3 million followers later, each comment, like or note of thanks hasn’t lost its luster. Even with a thousand […]

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The Hidden Benefits of Being Incredibly Uncomfortable

Women do a lot of incredibly uncomfortable things: have periods, give birth, cry, try to get promotions, endure seventh grade with big boobs while each male counterpart discovers their first perverted side effects of puberty…the list goes on. I looked up “uncomfortable” in the thesaurus and it gave: annoying, bitter, difficult, agonizing, hard, troublesome, thorny, […]

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Interiors & Decor

6 Easy-to-Grow, Can’t Kill Houseplants for Beginners

There’s something very magical about filling a home with greenery. No matter the space or size, it seems lush, and happy houseplants always know the way to livening up any room. These little guys do everything in their might to lift our spirits, and yet why do so many of us fall short when keeping […]

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