Taylor Stitch Gets Everything Women Love About Wearing Men’s Clothing

There’s plenty advice out there on finding your “forever” uniform. You know, the outfit you can wear for decades; your calling card of a look. For some women, it’s wearing all black. For others, it’s pearls and a sheath. For me, it’s always been a men’s dress shirt, slimming pants and a pair of flats. That, and a little blush and a swipe or two of mascara. I’ll wear this when I’m 90, God willing.


When you wear as many collared shirts as I do– it is my uniform after all– you quickly realize details matter more the simpler a piece of clothing is. The white dress shirt is no different. I tried buying oversized white shirts in the women’s section, but found the fit never slouched in the way my men’s shirts did. My men’s shirts had their problems as well. The neck never kept shape and I was always pushing up the sleeves.


Enter Taylor Stitch. I was introduced to Taylor Stitch back in 2011, just as they were gaining momentum offering great fitting, custom dress shirts for men. The brand took off, and they’ve been building their offering ever since. Designing a women’s line was the logical next step. So, Taylor Stitch enlisted clothing and jewelry designer Kate Jones to consult on the first Taylor Stitch Women’s line. I’m a huge fan of everything Kate touches, in fact, I wear this and this every day.


Kate worked closely with designer Samantha Garcia and the Taylor Stitch in-house team to create pieces both timeless and classic– all born out of menswear staples. The perfect crew neck sweater. The only dress shirt you’d ever need. The pull over best suited for a day sailing. The chore jacket that will only get better with time. The patterns are cut to fit a women’s body, without losing the distinct look and feel of wearing men’s clothing. The pieces are limited-run, and a new item is introduced a few times each month. Samantha will now be leading the helm of the women’s collection, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.


I’ve been wearing a handful of pieces from their women’s collect this summer, and I’m happy to share my favorite three pieces from the collection with you today:


1. Isla Chambray Pant $68 This pant is carefully crafted and hugs in all the right places. I love the detailing at the cuff, and the angled pockets. A very flattering pant.


2. The Caroline – White Pinpoint Oxford Shirt $125
The quintessential, get-up-and-go white shirt. Buy it in L for a particularly slouchy fit. I love the rounded collar. Gorgeous.


3. The Cass – Sea Washed Indigo Sweatshirt $98.00
I live in this sweatshirt. Any one of my friends will tell you that is true! The indigo color is lovely and it’s faded nicely over time.

What I love most about Taylor Stitch Women’s is how subtle the special touches are. It’s a reminder that our clothes shouldn’t wear us, and the best accessory is the lady wearing them.


Sponsorship Note: Taylor Stitch gifted the clothing shown here in this post.

Additional items shown here: Nike ‘Pre Montreal’ and Shinola Runwell Black

Photos by 2nd Truth