A Note To Our Readers

Dear readers,

After going dark for a few days, I’m back online and no less shaken and saddened by the current discourse in our communities locally and across the web. While we don’t cover politics on W&D, last Tuesday’s result will affect all of us. Maybe, I’m seeing my country clearly for the first time. It’s easy to view these events in black and white, cause and effect because it makes us feel less uneasy about the unknown. As the election came to a close it seemed clear to some of us that this was about good vs bad, love vs hate. The reality is far, far more complicated and most certainly will take decades to fully dissect. This doesn’t make it any less painful.

There’s a lot we can speculate and argue about, but two things are clear: hate will tear us apart and empathy will bring us together.

While we won’t be covering political issues on W&D, we are committed to hosting content that promotes personal and professional development, an open mind, and opportunities to support those in need.

Image Source: Nayyirah Waheed

  • Thank you, Kate, for sharing your words! I agree. This was a sad eyeopening moment. For me, as an ESL instructor, it hurt a little more to see my students nervous and scared that they will have to go home because they won’t be accepted into our country. But, like you, I am hopeful that we learn from this and come together and the inclusive community that we intend to and should be.