Say Hello to New Weekend Rituals



People often say, “I need to get out more.” Socializing and stepping out of your comfort zone is widely praised. But what about the time we spend being antisocial? The time we spend at home is often overlooked, mismanaged or squandered away with digital distractions. Can you remember the last time you sat on your own sofa and didn’t have your phone in your hand?

The other day I came home from work eager to plop myself down on the couch and soak in some mindless TV. Joe suggested we just sit for a minute, upstairs in our living room, where we’ve purposely avoided adding a television. A little agitated, I agreed. In less than 60 seconds the day had melted away. I felt lighter and I felt better.


These small changes are simple. Whether it’s a moment of meditation before a presentation or a short cat nap by yourself, carving out space for yourself, even in your own home, requires intention.


As we gear up for a busy holiday season, we’re trying to stay in more and establish new routines with a growing baby and demanding jobs. It’s easy to use the weekends to catch up on email and chores, but that’s not necessarily what you need. Sometimes you just need the person you love to make you a delicious cup of coffee, without having to ask. And sometimes, you need to eat cake for breakfast and not feel the least bit guilty about it.


One small change we’re embracing is afternoon coffee on the weekends. It feels incredibly indulgent to stop whatever we’re doing to do nothing at all except slow down and enjoy what’s in front of us. Just as I’m experimenting more with baking, I’m expanding my horizons with my Verismo® System.

starbuckswerthers_018side-by-side-kateCoffee and cake. That was last week’s treat. It’s simple and indulgent and easy to do, once you make time for it. I often wonder what kind of problems we could solve if we made enjoyment (not consumption) a bigger part of our culture. I’m not sure. It may not make a big impact on the world outside these walls, but for our family, making room for enjoyment is what keeps us sane.



We’d like to give a big thanks for our friends at Starbucks for letting us test drive the beautiful Verismo® System! We’re happy we can now enjoy our favorite Starbucks® drinks in the comfort of our own home. Details about the Verismo® System can be found below.


The Verismo® System launched on October 21st!

More details:

  • Verismo® Brewer retails at $149 and the Verismo® Milk Frother at $59. Pretty decent value consider how sturdy the machine is. Right now, it’s available in black.
  • You can purchase the machine at select Starbucks® locations nationwide and
  • Verismo® Pods (12 per box) cost $9.95-11.95, pretty competitively priced.
  • They are offering an “Every Day Bundle” which gives you the entire system for $179 (it includes Verismo® V Brewer, Verismo® Milk Frother and a box of Verismo® pods).

Images by Matt Lien

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  • hi,
    just wanted to let you know that there is a typo: “Verismo® Brewer retails at $149 and the Verismo® Milk Frother at $59. Pretty decent value consider how sturdy the machine in.” should say machine “is” rather than “in”. I hope that I’m not the millionth person pointing this out!
    also, i understand that sponsored posts are something that you have to do to keep your blog going, but i wanted to urge you not to advertise things that are markedly bad for the environment as you have such a wide influence and readership. Plastic coffee pods definitely fall into this category, whether or not they are recyclable. keurig is the worst, but all are bad… (there were enough keurig cups used in 2014 to circle the earth more than 10 times, and i’m sure that it’s gotten worse since then). thank you!