Your Complete Summer-to-Fall Nail Round-Up

When I see a set of perfectly manicured nails, I automatically assume it’s a sign you have your proverbial sh*t together. Much like my wild mane that cannot be tamed, my nails will never look #insta ready. But to tell you the truth, when you put looks aside, the act of getting a fresh manicure is a serious luxury in my life. A pedicure is too. And I can’t remember the last time I got either one of them. Literally. I think it might have been when I was pregnant with August. EEK. While powering through one of Bennett’s 4 am wake up calls last week and I came across some pretty insane nail art on Pinterest. It got my design mind to thinking… if painting your nails is an art form all in its own, and one to be admired. Stef and I asked our design intern and resident nail queen, Raquel, to help pull this roundup together because I am at a loss on how people actually do this. She picked designs that are not insanely complicated so there might be a chance at actually #nailingit with these.

If you love your nails on fleek, this post if for you. All I ask is that you tell us HOW and do you need to be ambidextrous?!?

Subtle Nail Art





Bone Colored Neutral

Deep, Saturated Earth Tones

The Forever Classic

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  • Long time reader, first time commenter. These are beautiful nail designs but it is especially striking that there seem to be no pictures of people of color. I know you are working with the images that you find, rather than create, but it can’t be that hard to find pretty polish on a darker skinned model, can it?

    • Agreed. I love this site and the way the aesthetics make me feel but as a Biracial woman, that’s one thing that often stands out to me. It’s gotten a bit better in the past few months but the lack of diversity on this site is disappointing.

      • Hey you guys. Thank you for pointing this out. We’ve realized we have quite a few blindspots and really appreciate you guys calling us out when we miss the mark on representing all our readers. It has never been our intention to exclude anyone but realize that doesn’t mean it is right. We can do better. Thanks for reading and continuing to contribute to the conversation we strive to have. – K