A Baby and His Bath

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It’s really hard to believe that my due date is a week away. We’ve fretted, made lists, cleaned and planned our way to this point, all the while knowing there is really no way to be completely prepared for a new baby. When we redesigned the main floor and basement, we had a family in mind. How would we make the most of this small footprint? Would we have all the storage we need? What about bathrooms and room to run around indoors?


The kitchen truly is the heart of our home. It’s where we make breakfast, lunch, dinner (plus second breakfast, second lunch, and pre dinner… according to my pregnancy eating schedule)! Joe and I have had our best and hardest conversations here; we’ve hosted friends in groups both big and small. Now when I look at this kitchen, I imagine a little boy growing up in front of us, spilling grape juice and blueberries and pasta sauce all over the place. It’s what this house is for, at this time in our life.


While we have some time before pasta starts flying, the first year will be spent giving this little guy baths in our large kitchen sink. It’s the perfect size for bathing babies. Aside from the size of sink, we opted for the Delta® Trinsic Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology to help keep our hands free and the baby safe while we bathe him.


It comes in a beautiful Champagne Bronze™ finish (for a fraction of the price of brass), but what we like most about this set up is we can turn on the faucet by touching anywhere on the spout or handle. It also has a TempSense LED light to indicate water temperature, which is so important when bathing a newborn! Another nice safety feature is automatic water flow shut-off after four minutes in case the water is left running.


Read more about the Delta® Trinsic Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet here.

Parents (or parents-to-be) any advice on additional prep we should be thinking about for baby?

Photos: 2nd Truth

  • I just wanted to say, I have so enjoyed your pregnancy related posts, especially since our due dates seem to be so close (I think, mine is on monday), and it’s been one of those things where it’s all been relaxing and lovely like a soft blanket instead of the panic-inducing lists and laws of so many other blogs on pregnancy.

    • Mariell, thank you so much for your sweet note. I hope you are hanging in there!! My due date is a week from Saturday and I’m so ready to be at the finish line. I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear these posts were a source of comfort. That’s really all I hoped for…I can relate to the anxiety-inducing lists and picture perfect maternity outfits! I try to remind myself that you can never, ever really be ready. Makes all the important stuff more clear, you know? Anyway, thinking of you this weekend as you reach your due date. xo, K

  • I remember so clearly being where you are almost 2 years ago. It’s really frightening how fast it goes.

    My only advice is to prep ways to take care of yourself in those first weeks. I was unprepared when I realized I needed to eat around the clock (literally) and with one hand to keep up with the demands of feeding a newborn. When she realized I was losing it, a friend swooped in and filled my kitchen and fridge with little high protein snacks I could grab and eat in the nursery. Sliced cheeses, fruit, nuts, bean salads, cookies!! It was a lifesaver.

    Good luck mama, that baby will teach you everything else you need to know. 🙂

  • I love your blog! I just discovered it via another website link and am totally digging what I’m seeing. Can’t wait to follow along!