3.3 million followers later, Wit & Delight has become a resource for others to feel less alone in the ups and downs of their journey through life. It's a place where readers can find suggestions on where to travel, eat, or shop from someone they’ve come to know as a friend. 

Wit & Delight brings our mission to life through products, experiences, and visual content. We strive to create useful, accessible, and beautiful products that live in harmony with our customer’s lifestyle. Our design process is founded on collaboration—not just amongst ourselves, but with real-time feedback from product users. 

Thank you for being here. For being open to enjoying life’s simple pleasures and looking inward to understand yourself, your neighbors, and your fellow humans! I’m looking forward to chatting with you.

I'm Kate

In 2014, I began publishing personal essays exploring my journey through divorce, mental illness, and an undiagnosed learning disability. That experience showed me style without life is just imitation.

Hi, I’m Kate! Welcome to my happy place. Wit & Delight has changed my life forever for one reason: you.

Scorpio Sun, Sagittarius Rising

Astrological sign

INFJ + Enneagram 8, Wing 7


Irish Dancing

hidden talent

Sing and Dance Like Beyoncé

talent i wish i had

Seeking Truth and Helping Others

What's my passion?

Fried Egg and Black Coffee

Breakfast of choice

Seeing Potential in Failure


Cheese.... Any and All Kinds


Second Guessing Myself


In taking life’s little pleasures seriously, that a home is a haven, that beauty isn’t always pretty, and that a relationship with oneself is the ultimate love story.



What we wear should make us feel authentically ourselves-- powerful, confident, unique.

Authenticity is what you do when not seeking approval for your actions.



Arrow Alone

We’ve taught over 24,000 students how to craft their message and social media presence. A clear brand strategy goes miles deeper than graphics and copy. These courses cover the foundation of everything I’ve put into Wit & Delight, and I myself continue to use these strategies on a quarterly basis.

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We live in a little, historic English Tudor home in St. Paul and have been lovingly restoring it since 2014. Life with kids can be crazy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful.

kate's better half

Always keeping it real, Joe’s true talent is bringing comic relief to almost any situation. You’ll find him as a regular guest on The Wit & Delight Podcast. Fun fact: Joe’s shoe collection is far more extensive than Kate’s. 


Winnie Bear is an English Labrador and our unofficial team mascot/therapist. She’s always here for a good cuddle or to keep your feet warm at the office.

Our Human Babies 

August Joseph and Bennett Katharine are our two children, born 16 months apart. While they don’t show up every day, they run the show and provide endless entertainment.

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