Giveaway! Win A Kitchen Design Consultation With W&D and Delta Faucet Fixtures


What does one do when she has run out of rooms to makeover? She turns and looks to you, dear readers. My addiction to renovations is real. With so much inspiration (thanks, Internet), it’s hard to keep the urge to redo your kitchen at bay. As so many of our readers are buying their first homes, I thought it would be a great opportunity to take my urge to renovate and help one of you update your space. Sound like fun?

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Delta Faucet for a unique giveaway that includes a 1 hour phone consultation with me about your project, a mood board designed by me, and a free suite of Touch2O Technology products for your kitchen to make our vision a reality.

Kitchens are notoriously the hardest working room in the house. In our own home, the kitchen is where we hold family meetings, the baby’s bath, late night work sessions, and all-day cooking marathons. Delta Touch2O Technology requires a simple touch anywhere on the spout or kitchen faucet handle with your wrist or forearm to activate the flow of water at the temperature where your handle is set. So whether your hands are full or your fingers are messy, your faucet is clean. Another technology we love is the Delta TempSense™ LED light which changes color to alert you to the water’s temperature and eliminate any possible surprises or discomfort. Pretty cool, no?kitchen-moodboard

We’re excited to help one lucky reader design their kitchen around Delta Touch2O Technology!


The Trinsic, The Cassidy, Or the Mateo?

To enter, comment below explaining your kitchen space and how a new set of fixtures from Delta Faucet will help! Please keep in mind, I’ll be providing a mood board with inspiration. Delta Faucet and Wit & Delight will not be invading your home to makeover your kitchen, but Delta Faucet will be providing one lucky reader (chosen at random) to receive a new set of fixtures. Even though this is a random drawing, I will be reading each and every one of the submissions.

We can’t wait to hear all about your kitchen needs and how Delta Faucet and I can help!

  • I would love a Delta faucet for my kitchen sink. We had our kitchen renovated in 2005 and its been 11 years! I like our faucet now, it looks like the Delta, but it doesn’t work like one! I have a small kitchen–probably 10 X 10, with an island in the middle and kitchen cabinets on two sides (L shape) and a row of bottom cabinets where a half wall used to be, opening into a formal dining room. This house was built in 1937, so its pretty old, but was updated nicely. I love our home, but I would dearly love a Delta faucet with touch technology that I could just flick on and off with my wrist! Plus, the color telling the water temperature would be a fantastic help since my husband and daughter are always getting burned because I keep the water on hot to sterilize!

  • We have found ourselves unexpectedly expecting. We have put off a bunch of things, like upgrades, so this would be a welcome treat!

  • I would love to win this. I am starting the process of renovating my kitchen and am having a hard time choosing a faucet. It be be wonderful to have help!

  • I don’t currently own a kitchen (we’re in the process of house hunting right now) but my parent’s are in great need of a kitchen makeover and I would happily pass this along to them. My mom has been such a great help with our new baby born in July. She deserves an updated kitchen! 🙂

  • I have a 1950s galley kitchen in Richfield with new high quality solid wood cabinets (but they are honey oak…and very orange), laminate countertop and faux 90s wood floor. I’d love to update the counters (quartz with some beautiful marbling), add a real tile backsplash, install a new sink, add some additional lighting, paint my cabinets (tuxedo look, perhaps?!) and install a new floor.

  • First of all, I’ve never heard of Delta Touch20 Technology before this post and wow! so amazing! My husband and I are currently in Escrow on our first home! We will be closing before Thanksgiving, and are ecstatic! We are so excited to start this new journey. The kitchen is a quite small galley kitchen which will be a difficult transition as our apartment kitchen is enormous and roomy with all the space we needed! But, we are not afraid! Time to be creative! I spend a large amount of time in the kitchen prepping meals for work lunches, cooking for dinner parties with friends (we love to enjoy life with friends and family over a delicious indulgent meal) and baking! I love to bake. Cookies, chocolate cake, lemon bars… the list goes on. Exciting people with their favorite baked good never gets old and is such an easy way to brighten their day! Having a Delta Touch20 Technology faucet would make life in our new small galley kitchen so easy! No more touching faucets with flour covered hands or religiously scrubbing the faucet handle after handling raw chicken (the paranoid side of me spends way too much time disinfecting my sink after raw chicken is used)!

  • I just bought my first house in July! I’ve been trying to plan my kitchen renovation but have so many ideas I can’t seem to make up my mind.
    I could definitely use some outsider perspective to help me decide on a plan!
    I’m also a chef, so the Touch20 technology would be AMAZING to have when things get messy.

  • The rest of our house needed major attention after a faucet broke two years ago, 3 weeks after moving in :(, so we didn’t have money to do much to the kitchen. In the last year we have painted cabinets and slowly replaced appliances. Now we are ready to update the flooring, countertops, backsplash, sink and faucet (still have to keep the cabs). We would definitely choose the Trinsic Pro.

  • We have a “beautiful” 198oth – golden oak – antique brass – builder kitchen we are looking to remodel within the next 6 to 12 month. I love modern kitchens with a slight warm family friendly touch to it and I want it white!!!
    I saw a lot of potential when we moved into our home 2 years ago and we have done many projects so far but the kitchen we have been pushing out a few times now, due to cost and not 100% decided on what we want to do…

  • My kitchen is giving me the most trouble when thinking about redecorating. We bought my husband’s great aunt’s house and we love the history that it holds but the kitchen is tiny with not a lot of walls that you can move the placement of things too! Also, the faucet leaks and the oven is broken! Appliances are old, from the early nineties! I would love guidance on how to make the most out of my kitchen!

  • Thanks for the opportunity! Without a doubt, the kitchen is the most used room in our house. We painted it Beacon Blue by Behr when we moved in and love how bold it is (huge difference from the original lavender). It’s a 1990s kitchen with outdated white appliances, two-tone laminate countertops and a white laminate floor (which is nearly impossible to keep clean). But we love the open layout and its porcelain sink. We’ve been avoiding replacing the white stained faucet because we’re unsure if we should plan to match the future appliances/countertops or make it work with the current situation. Any and all help is welcome : )

  • We are hosting for the holidays this year (for the first time!) so having a smart faucet and some solid advice/styling on our kitchen decor (and hardware and paint palette and lighting) would be excellent!

  • My husband and I recently moved from SF back home to Ohio to be near family. We love historic homes and are thrilled to be renovating a Georgian four-square but man… it’s challenging! We’re doing the work ourselves and decided to gut the kitchen. Its the heart of the home for me so I’m so excited to give it the love it deserves! I’m really digging Delta’s Trinsic Pro faucet. It has a nice balance of simplicity, while giving tribute to the industrial faucets many have been getting (too loud for my liking).

  • We are having a baby soon and then hopefully moving back to our home state by Spring, I would love to win this giveaway to update the kitchen on our future home, most likely whatever home we buy will need updates and I have so many visions of what I want our future kitchen to look like, winning a kitchen design by you would be a dream! Thanks for the chance!

  • Those faucets are beautiful! Our current faucet has a regular setting and a spray setting, but is stuck in between… giving us a constant stream with a sad little spray out the back at all times. I also can’t stand our split sink and daydream about the wonderfulness of a big farmhouse sink. Our cabinets are very nice, but replacing our orange/gray granite counters with a gorgeous neutral would be heaven!

  • We have a 13-year-old green kitchen with the original white faucet (can’t believe faucets used to be white!). The Delta faucets are so striking! Oak cabinets are oranging a bit with time and have no hardware. Paint or stain to save money to spend on countertops (love the gray from your mood board) and appliances are top priority. Would love your thoughts on materials to rejuvenate very dated space. Love the rug–very much our vibe, or rather the vibe to which we aspire! Thank you!

  • We just bought our first house and we are getting ready to renovate the kitchen. This would be an amazing jewel in our kitchen.

  • Our kitchen faucet keeps leaking underneath the sink. I also can’t use the sprayer at the kitchen sink because it makes it leak even more when I do use it. I would love a beautiful Delta faucet that is beautiful and functional! I would absolutely LOVE a consultation & a mood board designed by you! We are needing to update our kitchen counters and backslash as well. Thank you for the chance at an awesome giveaway!

  • We are currently (and slowly) making inexpensive changes to our kitchen until we can do a full blow reno. We painted the paneling and cabinets and replaced hardware which makes huge impact. But we still have to rip up the carpeting (yup, in the kitchen!!). We plan on replacing the counters with something DIY (play wood with the feather concrete stuff maybe) and replace the sink (which has been sitting in the back rooms for 2 years). Our faucet is now broken so this is the last piece I need to mar these changes!! I’d love a faucet and consultation! Thanks!

  • We close on a 106-year-old Victorian home on Halloween (spooky!) that looks like it hasn’t been touched since the turn of the century. I’m talking metal cabinets covered with daisy contact paper. It’s really something 😉 We’ll be living there during the complete renovation and are so excited to bring it up to speed, while retaining the charm and original elements. Since the entire 4000-square-foot house needs updating, money is going to be tight. It would be such a delight to win this giveaway and feature the Delta Cassidy faucet in the new kitchen. This would get our “Modern Victorian” makeover off to a great start!

  • Yes please! We bought our house 3 years ago and are slowly remodeling as we can afford. Our kitchen is stuck in the late 80’s brown cabinets, etc. We’d love to have the Mateo in our kitchen.

  • We just bought a house in August and the kitchen is the one room that stumps me the most. The walls are hard wood paneling (real pine!), oak cabinets, and broken terracota tile floors (it has reds, yellows, and oranges). Nothing really matches and I would love to start the upgrade process. Our faucet leaks and it hasn’t been out priority to change it. I’m a total disaster when it comes to design and picking out fixtures. Any help would be appreciated!

  • I’ve slowly been renovating the 1925 home I bought last year, but the kitchen’s seen very little progress. It was renovated in the 70s, then again in the 90s. I’ve updated hardware and painted a brick wall, but still can’t figure out which decade I’m in. And the faucet/sink situation? The faucet extends deep into one of the sink’s three small compartments. Washing anything taller than a stemless wine glass a chore. I like the Trinsic, but do I like black or do I like champagne bronze? It’s so hard to make all of these design decisions on my own! Would love some W&D input!

  • Our kitchen is just a kind of random space in our home, but since we live in a converted loft space (it was an Old Chicago Printing building) our kitchen is definitely in the center of everything! I would love for it to reflect the old wood and metal printing business that was once here, and we need help!

  • This isn’t actually for me since I rent, but for my mom. She lives in a little ranch house with a super dated kitchen. A big remodel isn’t in her budget, but I’m thinking some changes of color, hardware and of course faucet fixture would make a big difference!

  • I live in a 1920 craftsman bungalow in the SF bay area. My husband and I bought it last year and unfortunately a foundation replacement took priority over the kitchen remodel of my dreams. The kitchen is mostly original, including a partial wood burning oven, but unfortunately, a bad aluminum sink with a cheap 15$ faucet was put in before we bought it (we found the original sink buried in the backyard!). I’d love a new faucet and some ideas for ways we can bring the kitchen into this millennium while keeping some of its old charm!

  • My husband and I have lived in our home for about a year and the kitchen is decent, but had an awful red-orange paint color on the walls that brought out the orange of the wood cabinets. I easily transformed the space with “Intense White” from Benjamin Moore, but now I’m itching to brighten up the space even more. The lighting is a mix of modern pendants and Art Deco sconces (from previous owners) and the floor is a multicolored slate (think jewel tones: green, blues, hints of brown and maroon). The curtains are early 2000’s beige vertical blinds, and the granite, though very nice, is black with reddish gray marbling. That brings me to the sink. It’s your run of the mill, big box home improvement store sink and the faucet is sufficient, but having a Delta touch faucet would be the best! I’m an avid baker and it’s hard to keep the faucet handle clean when you’ve got dough all over your hands! With a touch faucet, no more messy handle! It’d be kitchen heaven. The modern faucet is my favorite design. It would be so great to win this! Thank you for the giveaway and I admire your design choices, so the consult would be exciting!

  • Memorial Day weekend my boyfriend and I bought a fixer-upper, and a month later we got engaged! We’ve spent the past few months unpacking, planning a wedding, and working with contractors to find a way to update our 100-year-old boiler without breaking the bank. Not to mention, we’ve been working on removing six rooms worth of wallpaper. These are all fun projects (with the exception of the boiler…), but the kitchen has absolutely taken a backseat. If I had to guess, it hasn’t been updated in 40 years, and could use some love! We’re a few years away from a full kitchen renovation, so I’m struggling with how to update the space using the layout we have. The cabinets are old, there are two kinds of wallpaper, and we’ve got linoleum tile straight out of the 70’s. Updating the kitchen in some way is one of my goals before both of our families are in town to celebrate our wedding next fall, and having your and Delta’s help in facilitating that would be so wonderful. One of the first things I’ve wanted to do to update the kitchen is to replace the faucet, so winning a beautiful and highly functional one from Delta would be great (and would make washing dishes without a dishwasher much more enjoyable). Not to mention, I have been using your kitchen renovation for inspiration, so having your insight into how to make our space more beautiful and feel more like us would be a dream come true.

  • I would love to remodel my kitchen since its the original 1970’s kitchen! I love the Cassidy faucet! I love the farmhouse style and would use grey with accents of green and a warm shade of orange!

  • Just bought a house and bringing it down to the studs. Needs lots of advice since this is the first time we have done this. I need everything and a new kitchen fixtures will certainly help and reduce the number of decisions we will have to make 😀

  • The Cassidy faucet would be the perfect fit for my kitchen! While my design taste is more modern, I still must adhere to the traditional taste of my parents whom I share my home with. The technology and clean design fits my needs, without my parents asking “what is that?!” like most other modern technology/appliances I show them. My renovation focus is currently on our kitchen, as it is a place where our family comes together to enjoy the food we love so much (maybe too much). As my family continues to grow, I look forward to a beautiful kitchen space to share with them! I would love your help to make it happen!

  • Hi! My husband and our three children (all under 5!) are building a home and that Delta Trinsic faucet is amazing! We definitely need some helping with the layout of our new kitchen (L shape with an island?) So many questions I would pick your brain…sink in the island or by the window? How do I have open shelving and still keep the overall look balanced?

    Hope we win so I can pick your brain! Love your style 🙂

  • How lovely! I have a small kitchen in a 100-year old NYC apartment building. While the building is lovely, my kitchen is not, and it’s the first thing you see when you enter the apartment, so something simple and but beautiful (and mess-reducing!) is ideal, like the Delta touch faucets. I’m struggling with the design as well, so your expertise would be fantastic!

  • This is such a fun giveaway! We purchased our house from my grandparents 1.5 years ago and have been longing for a kitchen remodel since we moved in. We would LOVE to have your input on our space to see how we can bring it from a dated 1970s feel to a fresh, clean, modern kitchen fit for our young family. Your home is such an inspiration! The Touch20 faucets from Delta would be a great addition to the kitchen to help make our life, with two little boys, a bit cleaner.

  • Kitchen gadgets are one of my most favorite things. We bought our house in 2011. The faucet in our kitchen makes the most obnoxious noise when turned on. It’s like a gurgling sucking noise. Being the thrifty person I am I cannot seem to let go of it since it technically works. My boyfriend and laugh at the noise all the time in dismay, he installed it and picked it out. I would love to be able to have something quieter like the delta Mateo.

  • The galley kitchen in my 1928 craftsman bungalow is pure potential – original 3-over-1s flooding light in, solid cabinetry awaiting strip, paint & new hardware, and a likely but tricky reconfiguration needed (push laundry into adjacent room to free up more pantry/counter..?). I sit in my breakie nook every morning with coffee and ponder the possibilities.. would absolutely thrill at the chance to brainstorm with you! The Trinsic Pro in rubbed bronze? Yes ma’am! Thanks for the consideration 🙂

  • This would be perfect for our kitchen remodel – we are hoping for a warm California modern look for our 1950’s Bay Area rancher. I am thinking white oak cabinets or a mix of white and olive green with black hardware. The kitchen will be open to our great room and big nana doors to the front and. Ack yard! Especially loving the Cassidy fixture.

  • We bought a new house one year ago, and recently we had a massive water explosion under the sink, which leaked through to the basement bathroom. We have been working with our realtor prior to this because we thought something was off about the basement bathroom. We have been fighting what looks like water damage behind the basement tub (first off, who puts a bathtub in a basement!) and we are getting nowhere with the sellers. Our plumber is stumped as to how the water explosion happened. But, from tearing down the ceiling in the bathroom below the kitchen…looks like this has not been the first time water has leaked or exploded. So, bingo…this is what we have been fighting without knowing it. We have to replace the floor boards around the kitchen sink – awesome. It is very frustrating and we are bummed that people can cover up things, in order to sell a house. We were planning on reconstructing the second level, but now our focus is on remolding the kitchen. So we have started figuring out what we like what we don’t like in a kitchen and a budget! I am excited to have a new kitchen, considering it is truly the “heart of the home.” But I just don’t know where to start! So, this new faucet would be perfect – and clearly would help us out! Also, a mood board would also help, as a kitchen remodel is no joke, it is a serious undertaking! Thank you in advance! And Happy Halloween!!! 🙂

  • I just bought a condo that needs the entire kitchen renovated! The current kitchen is still the fixtures from 1996. Currently there is a bar level counter on the other side of the sink. I would love to lower the counter and make it larger so that people could sit and eat on the other side. A new sink and fixtures would be so helpful!

  • We are in the middle of a kitchen/home renovation and things haven’t gone as well as we had hoped (old house problems). We would so appreciate the opportunity to get some help! We have done a lot of work of trying to save money with two kiddos while making it a space we love and a space our children will love as well. What a dream it would be to have beautiful new fixtures from delta ❤️

  • Hi! We are just starting to think/plan our kitchen renovation for our Minneapolis home. This explains my obsession with your blog and finding incredible inspiration… thank you! I would love to hear your design ideas for the space and obviously a delta faucet would be fantastic. Either way, thanks for your blog and Instagram posts, I love it, especially as a local Mpls reader! 🙂

  • My fiancé and I moved into our home about one year ago and of course it’s one project after another! We’ve done a ton of minor work, necessary but not exciting work, built a patio, remodeled our furniture and renovated my studio but have yet to be able to tackle the very 70’s kitchen. It’s of course one of the most used rooms as we adore cooking together and hosting family and friends but it’s also the most dull and outdated space- decorative cabinets with unattractive brass pulls, a small sink, awful backsplash (if you can call it that), and speckled counters made of something other than a meant-to-be-a-counter-in-the-modern-day material. Not to mention, when the sprayer on the sink is used it frequently sticks to the point when you turn the faucet on next you end up getting drenched and spraying water across the room. Oh the joys. It’s certainly been an adventure!

  • Weee! We bought our 100-year-old house last summer, and with it came the kitchen renovations a previous owner completed in the mid-2000’s–so it’s nothing terribly offensive, but it’s builder grade across the board (including fixtures of course!) and nothing I would personally choose today. The way most D.C. rowhouses are structured doesn’t leave a ton of space to work with, so the kitchen was relocated to a small back area that was the original sleeping porch. Good news: a wall of windows with plantation shutters we love and light. Bad news: total lack of character and since it’s such a small space I’ve struggled with finding ways to infuse a little of our style. Fingers crossed for this one!

  • We are about to celebrate the one year anniversary of buying our first home. I never saw myself in a “craftsman” style house, but there was just something about this 100+ year old home that charmed me. Plus, I really liked the idea of challenging my more modern design aesthetic to fit the space we had to work with. The huge towering maple in the back yard didn’t hurt either 😉 Anyway, a year later we’ve done a few things to make it our own, and I must admit, your blog was a constant source of inspiration. The kitchen, with a few charming elements, is pretty dated in a late 90’s/early aughts kind of way. Except for the kitchen sink pendant I immediately replaced, we haven’t had the budget to start a true remodel. It’s a small kitchen. Around 10×10 with a sunny little breakfast nook looking over the backyard. I actually don’t mind the black tile floor, but the honey brown IKEA cabinets, dingy white appliances, shiny black backsplash, and light blue walls just no longer flow with the changes we made to the rest of the house. The clean and simple lines of that Delta Trinsic Pro faucet could be the perfect element to revolve our kitchen remodel around, and help bring the space closer in line with our more modern design aesthetic.

  • My husband and I are in the process of buying our first house. We are going to do a complete rehab of the kitchen and new delta faucet would be an incredible bonus! My husband and I love your aesthetic and would love your expertise as we make a once old-folks home into our dream home with the kitchen as the heart of the home.

  • Hello, My husband and I are renovating our home one room at a time and the kitchen is our last major renovation left to complete. The kitchen will be a complete gut renovation with the removal of load-bearing wall between the kitchen and dining room. We plan on getting all new everything including a brand-new sink and faucet to replace the rusty, leaky one we currently have. I would love to have a new Delta faucet with a tradition yet functional design. I have three small children so function is very important. I plan on changing the entire space by adding a peninsula to the kitchen and banquette style seating for our eat-in kitchen/dining space. I also plan on having an entire wall full of built-in pantry cabinets with a coffee station. I would love some help with a mood board and inspiration because I am having a lot of trouble deciding on finishes. Thank you!

  • This would actually be perfect timing because our faucet hasn’t been working up to its potential! My father-in-law recently moved in to have us take care of him while he is fighting cancer, so our kitchen has been our busiest room in the house making meals around the clock for the family. I feel like I’m always either prepping, cooking, or cleaning along with career, raising three kids, and caring for my father-in-law. A comfortable space with an efficient faucet would be amazing to ease the daily grind.

  • Hi! We have a 220+ year old stone Pennsylvania farmhouse. When we moved in 25 years ago, we gutted the kitchen down to the dirt floor and rock walls. Then we installed a beautiful kitchen that was both completely modern, but clearly respected the history of the house. Now, after all those years of dinners, homework, parties, pets, and more, the kitchen is looking dingy and in need of an update. It’s a big space, 15’x19′, with original exposed beams, 20″ deep windowsills, an unused chimney (a pot-bellied stove for those chilly Pennsylvania winters?), and other unique features. Intrigued? Of course the gooseneck design of the Kohler Cassidy faucet would look great!

  • My husband and I are in the process of buying a tudor-style home built in 1930. Much of the house’s finishes are original, but the (very small) kitchen was poorly renovated at one point. Everything is painted turquoise! We need to update everything so it is appropriate to the home but still modern and functional. The Delta touch technology is very cool and I think the Trinsic or Mateo would look great!

  • Thank you for doing this give away! Thank you internet and also dang it internet for giving me (too many) inspirations which drives me to do the current renovation at my house. We want gold as our accent color but have no idea that things cost so much! Everything went over budget. We would really love to have this faucet in our kitchen so we can save time & money & effort and also be able to have something that I can appreciate for the next 10, 20 years.

  • I *so* wish I could just have all my favorite bloggers come over for a glass (or three) of wine and discuss renovation ideas for my bland builder grade kitchen. I have a toddler in my arms approx. 80% of the time I’m in the kitchen, so the convenience of this faucet would be insanely perfect. Seriously, a dream come true.

  • Building a modern farmhouse with an l shaped kitchen with an 11′ x 6’island with a sink it in the middle. I keep getting distracted with how many awesome things there are to add! There are so many things this giveaway can help me with! Direction and style for 1 but With 1 year old twins, there is always a baby on my hip, dirty hands to clean, and of course never ending dishes. A delta faucet can make the mess that I have to clean up much quiker and more efficient! The fact I only have to touch the faucet to turn it on, GAME CHANGER! My imagination is already running wild with how this would change my life and I would love the help in designing and deciding on my kitchen.

  • We have an english Tudor house that we just purchased for our growing family. We can’t wait to renovate the kitchen back to its cottage Tudor charm, complete with a Tudor archway into the dining space. This would be a great help!

  • My husband and I just bought our first house in South Minneapolis this summer. We are slowly tweaking things to make it our own, and a Delta faucet with Touch20 technology would be a major upgrade!

    Our kitchen is white on white on white on white and we’d love to have Kate’s help to give us the confidence to add some color and personality!

  • I am head deep in kitchen remodeling plans and am baffled by all the decisions there is to make. I never imagined I’d spend so much time decided what type of cabinets to put where, how big an island should be, etc. To save money we’re doing mostly everything on our own with RTA cabinets and since it’s a unique layout, it’s been a challenge to configure. A touch activated faucet would be pretty awesome, especially when there’s four little ones running around and a brand new kitchen to clean!

  • We our first time home buyers who have lived in our home for 2 years now! We have slowly renovated each room except our kitchen. We have finally saved up enough to start remodeling but have no idea where to start! It would be so awesome to have help with the design. We also have 4.5 month old boy/girl twins so a touch faucet would seriously be amazing. I am always holding a a baby and multitasking in the kitchen so I love anything that makes my life a little easier 🙂

  • My mom was widowed recently and I’m helping her fix up a little house not too far from mine. I’ve drawn so much inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram and blogs like yours and we are now done with construction and working on the finishing touches. We sure could use some help making the IKEA kitchen really sing!

  • This prize is incredible! I’d LOVE your advice on my kitchen. I checked out the DELTA website and I didn’t even know faucets like those existed, let alone have so many styles ans colour finishes! We’re living here 1 year, the kitchen is a practical oak one with black granite tops and a rustic tiled floor. While it’s terribly practical, I’d love to paint it and give it a strong contemporary meets mid-century aesthetic. The lighting is awful, the space is L-shaped and we have just three hanging pendants, no task lighting. We have blank white walls and a new white marble boat-shaped table and taupe dining chairs. Your own style is right up my street so I know whatever you suggest would be a complete success. Thank you for the opportunity to enter! I couldn’t find your T&C’s so I don’t even know if my entry is valid as I live in Ireland but we could Skype?!! Sara.

  • I have looked at my kitchen before and thought, “What would Kate do?” I don’t know what to do, but I know Kate would know what to do! Small galley kitchen in 50’s rambler. Re-doing the kitchen would be affordable, but I need help deciding on which direction to go. Cabinets have already been resurfaced at some point and need to be replaced. I often feel like when not at work, I spend all of my time in the kitchen. I love being in my kitchen and would love to love the space more! A touch faucet would be an amazing feature!

  • Please lucky stars.
    We spent the summer on a dining room / living room renovation. We tore down a wall and suddenly life was good. This new space sits next to our kitchen which needs a major facelift but we’ve run out of cash. Help me finish the vision! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  • My wonderful in-laws are giving us their very well-loved house. It was built in the early nineties and its design hasn’t changed since the day they bought it; beige-colored counters and cupboards, white linoleum floor and white appliances—this place is definitely begging for a makeover. We’ve been given the green light to renovate and we’re putting in what we had saved to buy a house towards a full house renovation. We’re just starting to meet with architects/design firms but we’re hoping to start this huge project by early spring!

    I’ve been saving images from your blog and Pinterest account getting inspiration for our huge home renovation coming up! Needless to say, I’d love to pick your brain!

    When I lived in South Korea a few years ago, we had a hands-free faucet (but you activated it with your foot by stepping on a large button on the floor) and it was a huge game changer. I’ve definitely been thinking about how awesome it would be to have something like that again, especially after having my baby in July!

  • Yes, please! I am in the process of updating the kitchen in my Colorado condo. Removing the 80s beige bit by bit. I already had a plumber in for an intial consultation and they actually recommended Delta! It’s a galley kitchen and the irregular sized sink cabinet will not seem to work with the farmhouse sink of my dreams. The current sink and faucet are NOT GOOD.

  • OMG perfect timing👍I just looked at DELTA faucets yesterday at Fergusons. Love the simpilcity of the Trinsic pro … We aren’t remodeling but doing a new build in Wisconsin. Winning would be a pleasant surprise to my budget. Thank you witanddelight. Adore your style!

  • Currently completely remodeling a run down house on some family land. Almost at the fun part of choosing new fixtures. I want modern hardware and fixtures to complement the fresh, white shaker cabinets I ordered.

  • Our first house was purchased in 2001… and we’re still here! We were super motivated and excited to make updates when we first moved in! Fast-forward 15 years and we’re still looking at the updates we made then! (The red walls need to go- I swear they were cool back then!) YIkes. Needless to say-I am in desperate need of some inspiration and direction! And did I mention our faucet is leaking? I love the look of the Trinsic Pro… that will need to happen!

  • I bought a 104 year old micro house in July – my first house at a trim 640 sq ft! The interior has been extensively renovated and some great choices were made – but lots of questionable choices too, including in the kitchen where the bare minimum was done. My intention with the home is a modern vibe with clean lines. I am storage challenged to say the least and am starting the fun journey of making the house my own. I love the lines of Mateo.

  • I have an old home with beautiful original features up front, but the kitchen remodel from the previous homeowner does not honor the timeframe. It does not have a consistent flow and needs to be fixed and styled.

  • We just bought a Chicago worker bungalow and the kitchen, well, it had one upper cabinet, a super cool old ceramic sink on legs, and a gross refrigerator – that’s it! It’s a great space that’s been waiting 80 years for a modernization and I know Delta’s Cassidy with Touch20 technology along with styling by Wit and Delight will allow my family to shine as the artists and cooks we are!

  • My husband and I just moved into our first home together. It holds a special place in our hearts because it is my godfathers, he use to change my diapers in this home. It is a 1940’s bungalow that has been passed down 3 generations and it definentaly needs an updo! We would be ecstatic to get a new upgrade in this kitchen that gets so much use!

  • Holy cow, what an amazing giveaway! I’ve been eying up the amazing Delta Trinsic faucet since we bought our house two years ago. We’re first-time homebuyers and have been slowly upgrading things as we can, but we have a baby (well, a one-year-old in a few weeks!) and have put a pause on renovations. With more and more messes in the kitchen these days though – thanks to our sweet boy’s flinging food from his highchair – the Delta Touch2O Technology would be even more welcome (and our outdated kitchen could certainly use the help too!). Here’s hoping… Thanks! 🙂

  • We are kicking off a kitchen/living room remodel in our Northeast Minneapolis 50’s rambler in a few months, and are looking for ways to integrate new technologies (like Touch20, connected home, etc). The plan is to highlight more of the mid century (modern)elements of the space, open up by the main floor (dropping walls & adding some vertical screens), and optimize the flow of the small footprint. And, like so many other readers, we need our space to be kiddo friendly 🙂 great giveaway, good luck to everyone!

  • I like the traditional (Cassidy) faucet. I would love to win because the faucets we have now are too old to even think about and they are rusty and really ugly looking. We are looking at new cabinets and countertop, so new faucets would complete the look!

  • We just moved out of our loft last week to start the gut renovation project. One less decision to make on the kitchen would be amazing and get another’s persons advice to help keep us sane! It’s not just the looks that matter to us but also the functionality for our family (including a toddler and infant)! Good luck everyone.

  • Walking into our kitchen is like walking into 1950. Although I’m sure a lovely year, still having the old wood grain appliances, microwave with a metal rack and leaky faucet isn’t ideal. We can’t wait to gut our kitchen and introduce it to 2016!

  • Although we had ambitions of remodeling the kitchen in our new Oakland house, our newer baby boy has taken up much of our time and budget. However the dream still lives and a new Delta touch sink would be great seeing that I am always carrying baby and never seem to have two hands!
    Mamas I know you’re with me

  • Currently writing this from pretty much the only space in our (recently purchased, FIRST!) home that is not covered in a thin layer of renovation dust!

    My kitchen, where we need the most help is essentially in shambles and it would be so, so, so nice to have this to look forward to as we continue to plan.

  • I love the look of the Trinsic Pro faucet! We’ve been in our home for 7 years and have been living with our 1970 kitchen while we save for a remodel. My husband is an amazing cook and we love to entertain. Our kitchen is small but right next to it is an eat-in space that we would love to invade! Admittedly we don’t know where to begin – architect, designer, design/build firm? A W&D consultation and awesome Delta products could be the kick in the a** we need to get started!

  • My kitchen is literally torn apart at the moment. We took it all out a few weeks ago to lay down reclaimed hardwood floors and have decided to reconfigure and replace everything. We’ve got the new cabinets ordered but I am stuck on the finishing touches (back splash, cabinetry knobs..) I actually fell in love the the champagne brass delta fixtures earlier this week and I am still trying to convince myself to take the leap and do brass!!

  • Well, I honestly I don’t think my kitchen has ever been renovated. Heck – it was probably never cleaned till I moved in. I share a low income apartment with 2 other students in Berlin. I’m from Paris, Kentucky and I sure would love a little kitchen makeover. As a student “renovating” is something you can only dream of happening after you graduate and manage to somehow land a decent job.

  • I am currently renovating my 1951 MCM house in Audubon Park Orlando. The house was “flipped” over a year ago before I bought it and I have since pretty much gutted the house, changed the roofline and made this this a real beaut. The kitchen was one thing that they flipped on a nice blank canvas kind of style with simple granite countertops and white shaker cabinets. I want to remove some cabinets on the sink side and tile the walls as well as add some exposed wooden shelving. The delta products are amazing and would work so dang well with this vibe but I’m out of money! Hah. Check out some photos of the project #birneyonbumby. It would be so rad to be the winner!

  • Ahhhh!!! I cannot believe I just bought my first place and have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. I get overwhelmed looking at design spaces and pictures online and I’m left flustered and defeated. The first thing I want to do is remodel my kitchen, slowly and carefully. Having lived in apartments my whole adult life, condo living is now my transition to ownership (and adulthood, let’s be honest)! I’ve been eyeing Delta faucets for a while and would love to start with the sink since I love cooking and want the area to have a seamless and esthetic feel as I’m always using my sink! Thank you, Kate for this contest opportunity!

  • It’s like you were reading my mind with this post! First of all, huge fan of your blog, Instagram account, and your amazing sense of style! We JUST closed on our first home and I have all these “ideas” and vision boards but dying to run them by someone. Our kitchen just needs an update — new counters and backsplash, fixtures, sink etc and exploring the possibly of painting the cabinets and redoing the floors (okay basically redoing the kitchen). But, of course, we don’t have that large of a budget for the kitchen. I was actually drooling over this faucet yesterday but need someone to help me pull everything together. And did I mention I have to gut a master bathroom too?

    So finding a designer whose style I like in my neck of the woods is rather complicated. I live in Miami where the only style seems to be ultra modern and cold. I have looked and looked and resorted to trying handle this myself with a beyond demanding job. So I am crossing my fingers and toes that you pick me!!!

  • We bought our first home just over a year ago, a 1920s bungalow. The kitchen was redone in the early 2000s and we need an update! This would be a great way to update it, as we favor a more transitional/modern aesthetic.

  • Our kitchen hasn’t been updated in 30 years and the faucet is particularly in need of an update! It’s a challenging space but filled with opportunity and we’d love Kate’s input!

  • I would LOVE a new Delta faucet and Kate’s mood board for our kitchen! We’re planning to begin remodeling our space in the next four months and this addition would be greatly appreciated.

  • We are actually just found our contractor and are working on coming up with a design for our kitchen right now. I’ve been eyeing some of Delta’s faucets and would love to have one of them for our new kitchen sink.. perhaps in brass 🙂

  • How lovely! We’re slowly making updates to our early 90’s kitchen and next on the list is a new sink, so this Delta faucet would be a great addition!

  • How do you remove paint primer from your hair (and black dog)? Yes..that’s the point I’m at in my DIY kitchen “face lift”. As new homeowners of a charming Northside home in Minneapolis, we’ve stripped the fruit-themed wallpaper borders and removed the flourescent ceiling light. As it stands now, our kitchen is a blank canvas. That being said, we’d LOVE to swap out our faucet for this fancy Delta model…and get your advice, Kate, on transforming our galley kitchen into a Pinterest-worthy dreamscape ✨

  • We absolutely love our mid-century modern home in L.A. but the kitchen has never been remodeled. We have been waiting patiently and saving for our dream remodel. This opportunity would be insanely helpful and fun to win. My vision for my kitchen is bright and bold cement tiles, white and painted cabinets, transitional fixtures, open shelving and eclectic/chic decor. I’m so excited, I’ve waited 4 years. We will do this remodel regardless in 5 or so months (fingers crossed) but this help would be totally awesome-sauce (a quote from my 3 year old little gal.) Thank you kindly.

  • We’re buying a new house that was built in the 90s, and hasn’t had the kitchen updated since then. It is a typical contemporary suburban California home that I would love to add some character to. We’re a young family with a baby on the way, and spend lots of time entertaining, so I would love for our kitchen to feel fresh and modern, but with still a nod to the traditional, so that we don’t alienate any future buyers when we sell the house down the road. The house is currently more on the brown side of neutrals, but I would love to get it to more of the gray/black/white side of the neutral color zone.

  • Hi Kate,
    Thank you SO much for this opportunity! This giveaway couldn’t have come at a better time! My husband and I have been talking about remodeling our kitchen and were just about to pull the trigger. We bought a home a few years ago that was flipped, and not in the way we would’ve liked or done ourselves. Therefore, we have been talking about updating it to our style for quite some time and are finally in a position to do so. You have the most impeccable style and we often come to Wit and Delight for inspiration, so it would be an absolute honor to have you consult our renovation.

    We have a midsize kitchen, that in a nutshell was made with all of the cheapest fixtures and materials one could find. Since it was a flip, there was no thought or care or love put into it. Therefore, we are hoping to add those elements now. Our style is very much rooted in Mid-Century Modern aesthetics and we are hoping to incorporate as much of this style as we can. We have been thinking about installing wood floors, painting our cabinets a Hale Navy color, changing out the dark granite countertops for a lighter Corian or Formica Solid and doing brass fixtures, knobs, handles, etc.

    The Brass Delta Faucet with Touch20 Technology would be absolutely perfect for our style and our overall plans for the kitchen. The Touch20 Technology will also be a godsend because we live in Los Angeles (currently suffering from a HUGE drought) and this faucet will help us save SO much water!!!

    Again, thank you SO much for this opportunity and for your time!

  • We are newlyweds in a new (to us) home. I have been living without cabinet doors in the kitchen for a month now and discovering things I want to change daily – including the faucet. At first glance it seems nice enough. A pull down faucet – cool! Except the pressure is all wrong and it sprays everywhere. It would be lovely to replace with one of those gorgeous Delta faucets! Now, about those cabinet doors…

  • I’m half Italian and love to cook, but my kitchen desperately needs a facelift. The walls are yellow, the lower cabinets are blue, the floor is red and black checked. Yikes! I fantasize all the the time about what a simple coat of paint would do but it’s really hard to find the time and energy with two young kids. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Our kitchen is the most used room in our house, but is the most inefficient. It’s not the room’s fault though, it was designed and built in 1923 (kitchen work triangles were likely not a concept at that time). When we purchased our home in 2014, we opted to reno the bathroom first. Having a shower seemed more important than having a dishwasher at the time. But now, with an 8 month old and a never ending line-up of bottles needing to be washed, a dishwasher would be magical. We’re nearing the point when we can invite our contractors back to start making a plan for the kitchen, but it’ll take a little more time to save up enough to turn that room into an efficient space. I would love to see what you could come with, Kate, as far as a design consult goes. Oh, and a new faucet may make washing dishes by hand a little more glamorous.

  • The Delta Touch20 faucet is a brilliant solution for those of us that love to cook but also have young children who want to help mommy in the kitchen. Our kitchen is circa 1990 and needs some serious updating.

  • This giveaway sounds like so much fun! We just bought our first house 6 months ago and have yet to do any projects. Which is good as I have come to love our weird pink and green stone fireplace but bad in that our original 1960’s kitchen is still intact with no plan for changes on the horizon. I would love to add the modern back to this mid-century!

  • we moved into our house in 2014, but it was built in 1998. so our kitchen has a pickled wood tone. pickled. as in greenish, with moldy green granite countertops. a new fixture might help the black sink a wee bit. 🙂

  • Our dishwasher leaked, requiring a floor replacement and other repairs, so we are planning an overhaul but have not yet thought of how a new faucet can fit into our other design choices.

  • My kitchen is part of an older home and is in dire need of an update. The Touch2O technology would be of particular help as my water can often jump to hot temperatures without warning!

  • Looking to do a total kitchen Reno in Spring 2017. Busy household with 3 kids under 5, looking for a space we can all enjoy together, and that will grow along with us. The Delta touch20 would be a great addition being both functional and visually appealing.

  • Entering on behalf of my parents, who have been living with a half refinished kitchen for about 10 years now! Back when I was 10 years old or so we spontaneously went to town on our family kitchen – tearing down the terrible wallpaper in a fever of excitement at the possibility of a new kitchen. 5 years after that, my parents finally painted the walls and the cabinets (my family has a record for being very slow to undertake projects). Now my parents’ kitchen is a amalgam of terrible linoleum, ugly yellow countertops and outdated appliances. They need some inspiration to finally get going on this project and this would be the perfect kick in the pants for them to see what the kitchen could look like with a little work! A new fixture would be the icing on the cake (their current one leaks and makes noise half the time!)

  • Ooh, we’re just starting the planning for a kitchen remodel, and I would love help getting the aesthetic design down. Right now we’re talking about where the walls will go, and I realized that I really need help picking all the details that make a space–hardware, trim style, paint color, etc.

  • Our kitchen Remodel is definitely on my mind, but I havent been able to figure out where I want to go with it. We bought the house last September (2015) and I dont think the kitchen has been touched since 1957 when the house was built. Old cabinets that are crazy deep, but utterly useless. Weir layout that puts the fridge right in the middle of everything and separated the oven and stove-top. The over is REALLY old, like so old that the handle broke off before we bought the house and you have to tenderly try to open it without burning your fingers. The sink is only 5 inches deep. The faucet- hah- gross. It’s dark. It’s secluded, it’s got to go. Oh and did i mention the white laminate counters that are scratched and discolored? “White” is a generous term.

  • Oh hey there! So we are just now wrapping up our bathroom remodel and getting ready to design our kitchen remodel. We live in sunny Florida and own a 1970s home that needs a whole lotta love! I grew up in this house and when my parents passed they gave it to me to start my family in 🙂 Our kitchen is, you guessed it, a very tiny galley kitchen. We have this huge Florida “sun room” that we’re toying with the idea of knocking down to make it into a kitchen addition with 600 sq ft of space! We have a tiny toddler which is fun fun fun whenever you’re doing remodels and right now our kitchen is so bad, it’s falling apart with every hand wash! We’re super stoked to make this house our home and would love to consult with you on our journey!

  • I absolutely love the Trinsic line! We’re in the process of buying a house and some new Delta products would be a great addition!

  • We just moved into a house that has all of the design mistakes a person could make. Unfortunately the kitchen is the worst of these mistakes and is the focal point of the house. Would love to have it refreshed!

  • We’re renovating a mid century modern gem. Taking the old, tired aesthetic and aiming for a chic, modern and cozy look that will be functional above all else. It’s a tall order, especially with a three month old in tow :). We have a million ideas for what it might look like, but would love some wit and delight to help us finesse the final product!

  • Wow! What an amazing opportunity. My little family and I moved into our 1960’s home in 2007. We enjoy cooking meals together and a little help with our nest would be heaven sent. Currently our space is 18’x 10′ overlooking the the dining area and second living space. We have original oak cabinets and tile that belongs “under our feet” as countertop, sad I know. We would love an island and a Delta Faucet would be the perfect manicure. I would love a classic timeless space. Please consider our nest to unleash your creative little monster. Thank you much. 🤓

  • Fun giveaway! Two years ago we started remodeling our kitchen. We love things so far but we are stumpted as to what to do next. We painted our cabinets white and replaced our tile floor with white oak. We love the beach and have tried to bring the relaxed casual look into our home. We could really use your help. The delta faucet would be perfect!

  • Our kitchen has an old school, modest, yet functional faucet. A bit noisy, though. And it gets tons of use, with teens and adults using the kitchen at all hours. So an upgrade would be a vast improvement – same for the floors, counters, cabinets, etc!

  • Our kitchen… our kitchen is so old and tacky. From the 70’s, I think! We moved in about 3 years ago and have just started renovating the kitchen. You have no idea how this would change things for us. I have an old, shallow, stainless steal sink with a leaky, builders grade faucet. There are features that cannot be changed in the kitchen, so we are going with a cheery, 40’s-50’s theme. I have a vintage, bright yellow & chrome kitchen table that looks as new as when it was made. We do not have the chrome seats that match, so we have painted wood chairs a cherry red! We also have a 40’s metal hutch that is white with a soft turquoise inside (behind the glass,) and a matching half cabinet. The rest of the cabinets are a fake wood grain, you know, the kind that make you gag! I am making curtains from vintage aprons. HELP!

  • Hi W&D! I love your work and am a big fan of Delta’s faucets 🙂 The touch free feature is amazing!

    My family and I recently downsized to a structurally beautiful, carriage-house-style home with views of the ocean. While the outside has a beautiful cottage charm to it and the views are magnificent, the inside needs work. From the laminate kitchen floors and counters, to the yellowed-with-age maple cabinets and short faucet neck on a shallow sink, there’s a lot to do! But I know with your unique ideas and Delta’s beautiful products we can create a cozy cottage interior to match the exterior!

    I am excited dreaming about the reno. Updated kitchen fixtures could be a great anchor to achieve the carriage house feel… maybe a chrome or even a bronze finish will do the trick! 😉

    Thank you!

  • What a Welcomed addition this would be to 6 months of planning a galley Kitchen remodel. Out with my 80’s kitchen & a long awaited update to the modern world!

  • Ou la la! We’ve been dreaming as a family about a new kitchen renovation for my parents home of nearly 30 years and these new Delta Touch20 faucets would certainly improve the washing experience. They’re not too shabby on the eyes, either (hello, Champagne Bronze finish)! I really appreciate how you don’t have to touch the faucet with this new technology, as I know sinks and faucets are some of the dirtiest spots in the home!

    My parents host Thanksgiving every year, typically for around 20 people but in some years it has been in the 40s with such a large extended family. The kitchen is the most used space in the house by far and somehow the most neglected in terms of any updates. I know my family would be SO happy to begin upgrading the space and making it a complete oasis for my parents.

  • Hi Kate! We are moving into a new house with two little boys- the kitchen is in desperate need of some updates. It has beautiful high ceilings, but needs a cabinet painting job, hardware and absolutely new fixtures. I’ve been eyeing this line and have loved your style for years. Lucky lucky winner!

  • My cozy 1991 apartment has the original hardworking kitchen faucet (installed by the builder) which has earned a cozy retirement after soldiering through 25 years of daily life and family holidays. The walls, cabinets and appliances of my eat-in kitchen are almond color with a few accents in black like the stove. I am caulking and spackling this afternoon and paint-shopping soon. Your Delta Touch2O Technology faucet and design board would find a welcome and appreciated home here.

  • We bought a place on a beautiful little little lake in Minnesota. It was built in the 1970s and still looks like it! Can you picture baby blue counter tops??? Yikes!!! We would love to have suggestions from you as well as a new faucet to turn this little diamond in the rough into a modern family cabin!

  • We just paid the last of our three kids college tuition and now it’s time for a new kitchen for Momma! I would so love a kitchen consult and new Delta fixtures!

  • In an effort to focus on our plan to retire early (we are still way young)…we purchased a home at the low end of our price range that needs lots and lots of love! We are living in 1400sq feet of outdated house (one of our bathrooms has pink tiled walls complete with a baby blue sink, toilet, and tub). Yikes. That’s what we are working with. That said…our kitchen (existing also has baby blue countertops) will be built in what is currently our living room (still trying to wrap my mind around that one) and would LOVE new fixtures and something where I can have some peace of mind where I don’t need to make another decision. Delta fixtures in the kitchen would complement the Trinsic ones I’ve selected for the baby blue/pink bath! I think I’ve manage to bite off more than I can chew!!!

  • My husband and I are currently in the middle of a complete renovation of our house. We are finally to the fun part- design (there’s been way too much talk about framing and insulation- or at least I’m ready for something a little more fun).

    So- A) the delta faucet would really be a nice touch when we are trying to save money, and can’t really afford to splurge on everything. and B) the consultation on a kitchen design would be so. helpful. I am super stuck on what to do for some reason.

  • My kitchen was remodled a few years ago on a tight budget. Our faucet looks lovely but, with an active household touching the handle to turn on the faucet can often be unpleasant. In my next remodel, Im hoping for touch-free fixtures to keep my kitchen clean and serene

  • I am in the process of selling my home so I can relocate and be closer to my children, but my 21 year old son is buying his first home ever! Very proud of him! I am a traditionalist, and so is my son. I would choose the Mateo (which is also my son’s name, Matthew), but the Cassidy is absolutely beautiful! It’s feminine, masculine, solid, and has so much character too! How much more perfect can that be! Love all the styles, but the Cassidy is my personal favorite!

  • My husband and I are currently building our own home- well, he is anyway. I am working and trying to master the art of design as we move forward, but my kitchen is currently a blank slate. We have concrete floors poured, and that’s it! Would love design help, as the kitchen is open to the living room and it will really set the tone for the rest of our home. I’m a stainless gal but finding myself increasingly in love with brass and I’m ready to take the plunge! Delta faucet fixtures would be so amazing for our new kitchen!

  • We are about to undergo a kitchen reno and the first thing to go is the tired sink and outdated fixtures. Would just adore the brass faucet!

  • We are about to go a kictehn renovation and the first thing to go is the tired sink- I would love to be able to add the brass faucet to our new sink!

  • We need a kitchen renovation, bought a condo and our kitchen is so dark and outdated. The Delta faucet would refresh the look to our kitchen and lighter tiles will brighten up this dark space! Love your products, great surprise and a gift to my Hubby if we were selected!!!

  • YAY! Coolest giveaway ever. We just bought a house close to my husband’s hometown, where all the homes are in beautiful neighborhoods … but the interiors are stuck in 1995. Steadily, we’re renovating a little at a time, and our kitchen is a big priority. It’s smaller, but not unusable, and opens up to the living space, which is what we loved about it. But the style? No. Wood cabinets, strangely-hued laminate counter tops, beige walls, linoleum floors. Not an ounce of character, except for the sassy little plant in the windowsill. Would be so excited to work with you on a fresher look for this well-used but not well-designed space!

  • I live in a teeny apartment, with a teeny kitchen and teeny toddler running around so we don’t have a ton of extra cash for a much desired kitchen overhaul. Since our space is so small, the Delta faucet would make such a huge impact and would totally be the star of the show (ahem, kitchen). Right now we have white cabinets and black countertops, so those Delta faucets would look beautiful against the sterile background. I am crossing all my fingers and limbs that I win!

  • Not sure if the contest is still open, but here’s hoping! We recently moved in to a house that is in great shape, but cosmetically needs a lot of work. There were eggplant colored accent walls and cherry cabinets, with white splotchy shiny 12×12 tiles. The cabinets and countertops were probably really expensive, but they are REALLY inefficient and so hard to work around with any sort of design plan. There are THREE upper cabinets that are 5 inches wide by 12 inches deep! Why? What is one possibly supposed to put in these? The counters look like they were made from the skin of a shiny peach and grey granite tiger. Ugh. The house is leaning toward a modern eclectic Spanish revival. I would LOVE the trinsic faucet in brass, and then I think I would paint the cabinets in a dark grey with brass hardware? Replacing the granite is not in the cards at the moment…sad.

  • Whoa, this would be so helpful to my new husband and me! We just bought a house, which is the most exciting thing (well, in part with getting married!) We are fixer uppers and our house is a cute 1928 bungalow. Great bones, lots of natural light. And pastel blue formica countertops. Ha! The kitchen is on the smaller side, so we want to make sure we maximize the space we have, adding a little more counterspace, adding a spot for a dishwasher, and creating a nice atmosphere in there like the rest of the house has.

  • Hey Kate,

    Please help give my home some much-needed character! I have a spec home and, while the fixtures are adequate and functional, it’s so boring. It was built a few months ago and currently feels very cookie-cutter. My kitchen has a lot of potential—with walnut-colored cabinets and granite island–but lacks personality. But the faucets that I have are beyond bland. I know that changing out the faucets will help pull the kitchen design together. I hope winning a sleek, modern faucet along with design consult will inspire the look throughout my house!

    • Hey Kate,

      Please help give my home some much-needed character! I have a spec home and, while the fixtures are adequate and functional, it’s so boring. It was built a few months ago and currently feels very cookie-cutter. My kitchen has a lot of potential—with walnut-colored cabinets and granite island–but lacks personality. But the faucets that I have are beyond bland. I know that changing out the faucets will help pull the kitchen design together. I hope winning a sleek, modern faucet along with design consult will inspire the look throughout my house!

  • Current situation. I have 5 growing boys. Ages ranging from 2 to 13. I have a rambler home in Bloomington. We have wall after wall after wall. We took down a wall to expand our kitchen but do not have concrete plans. That really translates to no plan. I NEED a kitchen back. Please help!!!!

  • I’m a mom to 5 growing boys (ages 2 to 12) and as you can imagine I spend the majority of my time in the kitchen. We live in a home built in the 1970? with several walls dividing the living space. In order to keep a watchful eye on my little army, we’ve removed a wall to start opening up the space. While this idea is good in theory, we are working on a plan to remodel the kitchen and are unsure of the design. We are in desperate need of help! We have a blank canvas ready for your expert eye, please help!

  • Demo is about to commence and hammers are going to start swinging!! We are demoing the kitchen and starting from scratch. All new!!! Would LOVE a consult with you to see if I’m on the right track!! A new faucet would also be much appreciated…..since this is getting EXPENSIVE! 😳

  • We moved into our dream home this past May. It was built in 1889 and the kitchen was lovingly renovated in/around 1986. We live in the country, but I am ready for the country decor to be gone! Although the kitchen space itself is beautiful, the cabinets, walls (covered in light blue wall paper with a house boarder), appliances and especially the sink need so much help. It is overwhelming thinking of all of the projects that need to be done, but the kitchen is particularly hard. I can’t decide what to do! Paint the cabinets? Replace the hardware? Lighting?! Ugh! I have bleached the old white sink twice since moving in, and with all the dishes toddlers produce, it just never looks good. I would love something like the Cassidy to begin the update in our new space. Your kitchen is absolutely amazing and having your input would be invaluable!

  • Hi! Thanks for offering this! We’ve been in our “starter” home for 11 years now. We renovated for cosmetic appeal in 2007 so we could sell the house after our son was born. The thing is, we fell in love with our community and couldn’t bring ourselves to leave. We love the fact that there are neighborhood kids in and out all summer or that impromptu dinners and cocktails happen here often. My husband travels a lot for work and if it wasn’t for my amazing neighbors who’ve fed us, sat for my kids when I ran to the ER in the middle of the night, took out our garbage without being asked, we wouldn’t still be in this community. We always say that we didn’t want to gamble on new neighbors just for a bigger house. So we’ll live in our dream neighborhood and create the best home we can.
    All that being said, our u-shaped kitchen is tiny and we’re debating knocking down a wall or even switching its location with our dining room to accommodate all the people who come by and create flow onto the deck through French doors. The new faucet( especially the intrinsic) would be more in line with our aesthetic and way more functional than the leaky bridge faucet we have now. Thanks for reading my whole comment-it got longer than I expected!

  • The Trinsic Pro has my name (and style) written all over it! We are in such a need for a new kitchen faucet and counters. Our main living space is 100% open concept so both the faucet and counters are very visible. I would love for our kitchen to blend more seamlessly with the rest of the space and truly represent our personal style.

  • Hi Kate, I bought a very old home last year in the town I grew up in, the home is dated 1840 but it is most likely earlier. It was a dream that took 4 years to happen and couldn’t be happier but I’m challenged on how to manage updates alone particularly in the kitchen. I’m a home baker and want this kitchen to resonate with guests yet be functional to bake and cook with with friends. This consultation and hardware would be an amazing gift to help me get this process started. Thank you so much for sharing this chance! Leslie

  • For the past 5 years, we’ve rented a home that’s been in my husband’s family for a couple generations. Everything is outdated, and don’t even get me started on the wall-to-wall carpet in the kitchen (*cringe*). We never felt that we wanted to invest too much money in home improvements and updates if we were only renting, so we always just worked around the eye sores and turned a blind eye to the dated vibes. But we just purchased the home and it’s opened my eyes to all of the possibilities ahead! The kitchen is our first order of business and a new faucet fixture, along with a fresh coat of paint and some redecorating, would perk everything up and brighten the dark 80s interior.

  • I love the trinsic line! I have a 70s townhouse that I’m slowly fixing up. I’m heading in an eclectic/modern direction – the trinsic line will fit perfectly! It’s a galley style kitchen with not a lot of storage space. I’m thinking something clean and bright.

  • During my senior year of college it is possible that I spent more time house hunting than I did studying. I was dead set on purchasing a home. I graduated in May, closed on a house in June, and started a business in July. I was 22! Fortunately, I was too naive to be terrified. That was 6 years ago and I’m just now able to afford to start updating and making it my own. My kitchen is extremely small but I love entertaining. My kitchen needs a facelift to improve flow and this a Delta faucet would be the icing on the cake.

  • We just bought our first house and it needs a lot of updates! It would help a lot to get some help to receive a faucet and a design ideas!

  • We live in St. Paul in a house built in 1925 formerly owned by a senior bachelor…with the kitchen to match. While we purchased a new fridge and dishwasher (out of necessity) and re-did the floors, everything else now looks out of place and needs some serious help.

    More importantly, my wife’s birthday is tomorrow. I love her and she loves you (she’s also a Kate) and I can’t think of a better present than your design ideas and brand new Delta products!

  • We purchased our home 3 years ago and are still in the process of updating it. The house was built in 1978. The sink is a light yellow color and so is the dishwasher with orange counter tops and brown cabinets.

  • Our home was built in 2003, we have oak cabinets and in the breakfast are we added similar cabinetry on 3 walls with base cabinets on the bottom so we could get the most space for a table and chairs. That area has granite while the original kitchen area is formica. We installed a black composite sink a few years back & a new faucet similar to the ones above on the left and right. If I could choose I would go with the TRINSIC faucet as it is more contemporary. I really would like a lighter kitchen as there is no window. The sink is in the center island and the living area is open to that. There is a huge doorway in the living area and all is tiled of which I would never use again in a home. I would love a floating floor or maybe cork. Something that isn’t tile or cement like in hardness as I’m at the sink or counter quite a bit and my computer is on the island so I stand or sit for hours as well. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity