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There aren’t enough hours in the day. It’s been four months since the transition to “Working Mom” and while I’ve decided “having it all” is a myth, I am starting to feel like things are becoming more manageable. I’ve challenged myself to set (and maintain) boundaries, both at work and home. I’ve given myself the permission to have designated work hours. We’re still clocking late night work sessions a few times a week, but from 5-8, it’s all about family.


I’ve also given myself permission to say “no”. In being your own boss, it’s really hard to turn down projects. I’m constantly feeling as if someone is going to realize that I’m a fraud and that this whole business I’ve built will come crashing down if I turn down a project. (More on that here.) I’m also saying “no” in my personal life. “No” to toxic relationships, “no” to events I don’t want to attend, “no” to negativity. I’m very happy to report that by saying “no”, I’ve freed up more space for the “yes” that I want in my life: August, friends, family, meaningful projects.

The last part of my personal challenge is to find moments throughout that day that are just about me. Prior to having a baby, it was easy to find these moments; reading a book, coffee with a friend, a long run. These days, I feel guilty if I’m not devoting my time and energy into either work or August. 

I’ve found these “me moments” aren’t hard to come by when I stop and am aware of my surroundings. Taking a lunch break, rather than grazing all throughout the day. Parking in the space furthest from the office and enjoying walking outside. A hot mug of tea in a comfy chair in the evenings after a long day.


My girlfriend Chelsea gave me a box of Mother’s Milk tea shortly after August was born. During this time I was at home with the baby, nursing on demand and watching him grow rapidly. But when I went back to work, my supply dropped dramatically and his intake was increasing. I took to Instagram to ask for help and couldn’t believe how many messages of support and advice I received! I found the best thing I could do for my supply was to keep the stress to a minimum and eat well. Mother’s Milk has become my morning and evening ritual. The traditional European blend of herbs helps support milk supply*, and I’ve found the slightly sweet, distinct licorice-like taste to bring back warm memories of when my chunky baby was just a tiny newborn.


There’s no reason not to do something nice for yourself each day. Small rituals like enjoying a cup of tea remind us to enjoy what is in front of us at that moment. Practicing gratitude each day can lead to a life of contentment, which very well could be the key to “having it all.”

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BY Kate Arends - December 6, 2016

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December 6, 2016 2:48 pm

Love this post! Your photography is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

December 10, 2016 11:53 am

I love that sweatshirt. Where is it from?

[…] tastes excellent. Turn out me mistaken.) The act of creating tea calls for persistence and time. It was once HARD for me to prevent multitasking whilst the kettle boiled. I used this time to meditate, opt for a brisk stroll, or sure, Insta scroll (now not work-related, […]

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