Introducing: Horoscopes (Don’t Worry, Mercury’s Not in Retrograde)


tumblr_ojgw46wgfi1qz5r5lo1_1280Hey you, what’s your sign?

Cliché pick-up line, be damned. Let’s get a little better acquainted with our astrological signs as we start something new here on Wit & Delight. That’s right: horoscopes!

So far, 2017 has been – insert heavy sigh – trying. We could all use a little guidance from the stars these days. After all, they’re older, wiser, and literally light years away, yet somehow know when I’m avoiding confrontation with you-know-who or feeling unsettled at work.

Maybe you already know the basic characteristics of your sign. Leos love the limelight, Cancers can be moody, and hello Gemini, you social butterfly you! (Full disclosure: I’m a Taurus, and yes, “stubborn as hell” will be the subtitle to my memoir.) Maybe you even feel an unease rattling in your bones during a full moon. Maybe you know your ruling planet is Venus, or you’re a fire sign, or you just cannot date another Pisces.

But there’s so much more. The planets, the houses, the huh, what did you say? Moon signs, rising signs, what in the hell are you talking about signs? So hold on tight to your astrology chart and follow along, month by month. The stars have a lot to say.

Pssst: You can buy the card pictured above here. Designed by our friend, the talented Adam J Kurtz.

BY Megan McCarty - February 6, 2017

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Cute image! I love horoscopes – can’t wait for more posts on this topic.

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