April Theme: Spring Clean Your Physical & Emotional Life

My new year’s resolutions often start at odd times, and not once but twice a year. Maybe these markers of renewal are tied to fashion; maybe they’re influenced by deep seeded ties to the beginning and end of the academic calendars. It happens intuitively and without much foresight. Like a bear knows it’s time to hibernate, my urge to purge and rebuild is pretty hardwired.

Spring is often about stripping back, and fall is about adding on. Closets are purged as it warms up and stocked again by September. Diets move towards the lighter and healthier food, and fall brings IPAs, crockpots and comfort food.

I thought it would be appropriate to follow my instincts and dedicate a month to the spectacle that is the season of spring cleaning. Sure, there’s the obvious closet overhaul and detox meal plan, but what does spring cleaning mean for your mental health? How do you pack away whatever emotional turmoil your winter blues kicked up? What about that breakup? Is there ever such a thing as a clean emotional break? And how about the clutter in our brains? Is it possible to clean up those racing thoughts in my head?

My hope is that we can bring you along on our request for tidying up our physical and emotional lives. You’ll get to know more of our internal W&D team and I’ll share more of a behind-the-scenes look at how our businesses are structured. We’re already testing products and sharing notes; looking at new ways to bring you product reviews that not only give you my point of view but of our team members, too.

In addition to a more communal approach to lifestyle content, I’ll be documenting my quest to embrace the body I’ve been living in post-baby and ease back into working out, eating well, and restoring my physical health. I’m hoping that writing about it will help me develop healthy habits.

Alright, let’s get this show on the road! And, if you have any topics you’d like to see discussed in the upcoming months, please comment below! We always love to hear what you’re thinking.

Illustration by Kate Worum

  • I love this theme, Kate. Can’t wait to see what topics y’all cover.

    Also wanna give a shout-out to Kate Worum for that kick ass illustration. Everything I see of her work is magic. Glad she’s contributing to W&D!

  • It seems like when the sun comes back for longer, brighter days – my mood is automatically lifted. It’s almost like my brain doesn’t think winter will ever end until that first “spring week” happens. Then it’s like “oh yeah, okay, we’re good. Nvm – no need to be depressed anymore.” But I think the only way that carries on through the season is if we do indeed take care of ourselves. With summer also comes bad habits like drinking too many Coronas & having those social cigarettes. I’m hoping this summer I won’t indulge too much and if I do, let it be something like a good book or extra sunshine. Look forward to what April brings!

  • Last week I spent 40+ hours Marie Kondo-ing my closet and I feel FRESH. I couldn’t even work anymore until I did it. Now I’m diving into getting rid of commitments and mindsets that make me feel the same way a pile of jeans that haven’t fit for a decade did. Looking forward to your insights on CLEARING OUT!!!!

  • This is so important! I’m currently doing the same. I’m unhappy at my job, so I’m trying to find alternatives.

  • I love this theme and I think it is a great idea to have resolutions twice a year. You are not always the same person you were at the start of the year so you may need to adjust a little. I love the relation between Spring and stripping back but it is totally true.

    I currently in Autumn now but am still trying to strip back in all areas of my life and sort of take a detox from everything that is weighing me down or isn’t making me happy.

    Really excited to read more of your upcoming posts!

    Emily | http://emilytrinh.com

  • Kate,

    Thank you for …. CONTENT! Real, grown-up writing and topics and ESSAYS! Yay – intelligence! I’m a long-time blog reader, and I’ve been so disheartened in the past couple of years by so many blogs that have turned into….I don’t even know what the word is. I realize sponsored content pays the bills, but sponsored content isn’t what leads readers (thinkers) to a blog, nor does it keep them reading. (I should add here that I’m probably completely wrong about this, who knows haha.) The point is, I love pretty pictures as much as the next person, but I also love brain stimulation via smart thinking and a developed vocabulary. Thank you for content with substance!

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