Mother’s Day, Memories, & Making Space for Gratitude



When I think of the holidays that are the hardest for me to shop for, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day immediately come to mind. My parents and Joe’s parents deserve unique, amazing and thoughtful gifts – but unique, amazing and thoughtful gifts are incredibly hard to come by. For years, I would pour over magazines, aimlessly walk aisles of department stores and finally, once Pinterest was created, comb through boards and pins to find the perfect gift. A meaningful gift that would be used, or beautifully displayed in their homes, or worn often, and a gift that didn’t take too much of a hit on my wallet (because let’s be honest, all these holidays and birthdays add up).

And then along came August. I love this kid for so many reasons – his smile melts me on a daily basis, and I know his grandparents feel the same way. He is the greatest gift that has ever been given to our family, and photographs of him are a close second. Recently, we were able to take some beautiful photos of August, him with us, and a few of him with our Nanny Karen (who by the way, will be definitely be receiving a Mother’s Day gift). Not only do we have grandparents to thank, but a wonderful nanny who helps me balance work, life, and everything in between.

After I had all these beautiful photographs taken, I wanted to find the best way to showcase them. We partnered with Shutterfly to create some amazing canvas prints and framed photos. Their website makes it so easy to upload photos and create the best type of print and order – I think my order took me twenty minutes to complete (and I spent 18 of the 20 minutes picking the photos of August I was planning on using). We picked larger sizes for the canvas prints, so they can be properly showcased in the home, as opposed to lost on a mantle with lots of other framed photos. After combing through all the options available to customize your framed photos I finally landed on the contemporary frames, with the classic black frame and large matte.  

I am so thrilled with how the products turned out and excited to gift these perfect images for Mother’s Day. As I grow into this new role as mom, I think about the gifts that I have treasured; the ones that have meant the most to me, and they are always the ones that are personal. Recently, my parents dug up cards and photos that I gave to them as a child, items they have kept through the years, and yes, we all teared up a little bit. What are you giving your moms for Mother’s Day?

(Sorry, Mom, Deb –  and Nanny Karen….spoiler alert on your gift!)

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