A Letter to my Wife on Mother’s Day

Dear Kate,

My goodness, Mother’s Day is here – a special day for our moms, right? Well, yes. But this year, it’s for you.

Mother’s day is meant for the most incredible people on planet Earth. On this day you join the ranks of your mom, my mom, and their moms too. You’ve had a lot of titles throughout your life, but I can see that this ‘mom’ title means the most. You’ve never told me that to be the case, but I want you to know that over the past ten months you’ve shown it.  

You’ve shown it since the super-human feat of bearing our child, and it’s been a highlight reel since. From sleepless nights to changing diapers in airport bathrooms, to working endless hours at the office so you can give us your undivided attention at home, you’ve shown us every minute that this ‘mom’ title means the world to you.  

Being a mom obviously means being a parent to someone, but in our short time as parents together, it’s also shown me that it demands more of you as a partner to me. You’ve been supportive, empathetic, and tolerant (and a whole lot more to me as I find my stride in being a dad) which has only made our bond stronger than it’s ever been.  

So today, and every day, we take a moment to pause and recognize you as the remarkable woman you are. You are so many things to so many people, and when we got married I told you that I’m the luckiest guy on the planet that you chose me, and I know that August feels the same way— we are so loved, and so lucky to have you in our lives.  

Here’s to you, Kate.

We love you,

Joe & August  

Joe Peters lives in Saint Paul, MN with his wife Kate, son August, and trusted Labrador, Winnie. In his spare time, he’s the head of marketing for Vasque Footwear.




Ed. note: Joe worked behind the scenes with the W&D team to complete this top secret Mother’s Day Post.