May Theme: Mothers

While children come into our lives and grow up to create their own families, we learn to mother long before these children are a glimmer in our eye. Our journey towards motherhood– whatever version it may manifest itself in– begins with learning to mother ourselves.

There was a moment after college graduation where my future looked as uncertain as a black hole, and no one, not even my mother, could protect me or keep me from experiencing adulthood. I thought by the time adulthood came around I’d feel more like an adult.

It’s fitting I’m writing this while catching up on the final season of GIRLS because our May theme this month is all about different ways we all (men, women, and everything in-between) act as mothers– to ourselves, our pets, our peers, our spouses, and of course, our children.

For me, mothers are defined not by their reproductive organs, but by our ability to care, support, and bring up another living being. So whether you’re a plant momma or a dad doing double duty, this month is for you.

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