How to Throw a Boozy ‘Bachelorette’ Viewing Party

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This season of The Bachelorette is shaping up to be one of the best yet. Not only does Rachel consistently keep it both real and 100, but we’ve got a Pretty Boy Pitbull, a hunky gap tooth from WI (sigh) and now, a blissful absence of “whaaaboooms.” Why not make the next episode a party? Here are some tips for throwing a deliciously boozy viewing fiesta.

1. Make “Frosé.” Cuz Duh.

Sure, you spent last summer upping your rosé game. Maybe you tried rosé in a can, like this variety, that swears in all caps it’s “NOT YOUR AUNT’S PINK ZIN.” Now, it’s time to lean even more into summer with “frosé,” which is exactly what it sounds like: frozen rosé. Try this recipe from Bon Appétit, or just make up your own. I blended some wine with frozen bananas and pineapple the other day and it turned out delicious. Blender drinks ≠ rocket science, so get creative!

2. Get Peachy

Snacks are a basic necessity of any TV-viewing party. But that doesn’t mean you have to get out a bag of Doritos or order takeout. Instead, whip up a seasonal, sweet snack that goes well with your cocktails. May I suggest something peach-centric? They’re not only in season, but they’re equally delicious fresh and baked. You could make baked peaches to keep it simple, a peach strawberry tart if you’re feeling fancy, or bacon-wrapped peaches if you want something savory.

Pro tip for the culinary non-inclined: almost any fruit is delicious baked for 15 minutes and topped with whipped cream, even those frozen berries in the back of your freezer.

3. Whip Up Some Jello Shots

Frozen rosé will probably not be enough to make your viewing party truly boozy. Why not supplement it with some unique Jello shots? These Pop Rocks Jello shots are almost as unforgettable as Chad from JoJo’s season. If they’re not your bag, Tablespoon has a bunch of funky Jello shot recipes.

4. Play a Drinking Game

With all that booze, you’re going to need some solid reasons to drink, so we’ll give you several! Start with these rules, but feel free to make your own. We’d love to know what yours are this season!

  • Drink every time Rachel says “keeping it real” or “keeping it 100.”
  • Down a Jello shot every time one of the contestants takes off their shirt and/or does a sexual dance.
  • If Rachel says she needs a man and not a boy, nod profusely and finish your drink.
  • Every time a contestant brags that Rachel is his future wife, roll your eyes and take a drink.
  • If you hear the cursed phrase, “He’s here for the wrong reasons,” take two sips of your drink.
  • Every time a hunk passes out or slurs, take a sip of water.
  • If a band that was extremely cool in 1997 shows up, dig that old Lime-a-rita from the back of your fridge and pound it.


Images 1: Alex Lau for Bon Appétit // 2: Sally’s Baking Edition // 3: Tablespoon.

BY Becky Lang - June 17, 2017

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I love the recipe from Bon Appetit. It looks SO good!

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