5 Thank You Cards for Practicing Gratitude

I’m that person. You know, the one who constantly thinks up ways to delight family and friends with clever gifts and meaningful cards but rarely remembers to act on them. One of my best friends, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. She’s perfected the art of showing gratitude. I can always count on a thoughtfully written Thank You card to show up in my mailbox at least 48 hours after we celebrate her for one reason or another. Every time I sift through junk mail, bills and magazines to find one of her pretty, handwritten cards, my heart expands a little bit.

Actually, when I have remembered to act on my gratitude, my heart expands twice as much as when I receive it from others. It feels SO good. Which is baffling because, if it’s so rewarding to tell people how much you appreciate them, why is it so difficult to keep up with? Just like working out or eating healthily, regularly acting out your gratitude takes an annoying amount of energy and discipline. But it’s worth it. Just ask any therapist around town and they’ll agree – practicing gratitude on a regular basis is a sure-fire way to improve your mental health. In fact, according to experts, showing gratitude not only helps you mentally, it can open up doors to new relationships, improve physical health, help you sleep more soundly and make you more resilient in life. Plus, who doesn’t want to make someone else’s day?

Given that it’s the season for giving thanks, I figured I’d give you a little motivational nudge in the right direction with my favorite way to show gratitude – cute, funny or pretty Thank You stationary.

For the 80’s Rom-Com Fanatic

From Paper Source

For The Friend Who Is All About Pretty Things

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 For the Friend Who’s Just a Little Bit Extra

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 For Your Favorite Data Nerd

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 For The Residential Brainiac

From Rifle Paper Co


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