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I am what one would call a Psychotic Holiday Traditions Purist. I have watched It’s A Wonderful Life every Christmas since I came out of the womb (MARRY ME, 30s-ERA JAMES STEWART); I have selfishly left behind every man I’ve ever been dating to be home on Christmas Eve (like I don’t even discuss plans with them, I’m really cool to date!) and because it’s what my grandma used to serve every Christmas Eve growing up, I would make my family eat tacos each year. We do not a hail from a country that might happen to serve tacos on special occasions so it was a little kooky, but TRADITIONS, DAMMIT! I take that back, we did that one until my dad was like “WE’RE NOT HAVING GODDAMN TACOS FOR CHRISTMAS” a couple years ago (wow ok Grinch!).

Tradition can certainly be special and meaningful (see above), but it can also kinda be a disguise for hoarding. Hoarding memories and things for no real specific reason other than you’re comfortable with it and too stubborn to let your life evolve. It can make you cling to things and “stuff” that ultimately is a bit void of meaning. Case in point: my “cocktail glasses” I’ve had since the beginning of college. (They aren’t cute and one is cracked and I’m pretty sure I puked in another.) But because I’m one of those people that’s like “Aww, but memories! Tradition!” they’ve stayed around.

NOPE. Done with that. Onto keeping pieces and memories and traditions that have actual meaning. Not just stashing things because I’m bad at saying goodbye and transitioning.

I wanted something beautiful, but different. Something made with care, intention, passion, and purpose. Enter: The Citizenry’s Oro Cacao Cups. I have never experienced love at first sight with an actual human which I think is kind of how it’s supposed to work (?) but I definitely experienced it with this matte-black, handmade-in-Jalisco-Mexico, gorgeous-as-all-get-out cups. I’m sure is normal, no need to read into it.

And now every time someone asks me about these cups I get to talk about how I’m supporting a company who believes our physical spaces deserve designs with a soul, a story, and a purpose, and I like that. It feels just a little better than another Made In China sticker. Now, can I afford to just “be done” with everything I think needs a “purpose” update? Hell no. This is a marathon. A slow-pace build of collecting pieces for your house and life that you LOVE and are proud to use. That takes time.

In the spirit of this theme “Reinventing Tradition,” I even made you a new version of an old classic cocktail to sip on out of them! You can find me drinking White Russians from 12:01 a.m. on December 1st to 11:59 p.m. on December 31st. This year I decided to switch up the recipe (half to prove to myself that I wasn’t as stubbornly entrenched in routine as I think I am) and WHOA, BABY, am I glad that I did:

Root Beer White Russian:

  • 1-1.5 oz Jamaican Rum
  • .5 oz Coffee Liqueur
  • Heavy splash of root beer
  • Heavier splash of heavy whipping cream

Fill your glass with ice. Measure out your rum and coffee liqueur into the glass, then top with root beer and heavy whipping cream. Also: heavy whipping cream or GTFO. I’m sorry. I truly, truly do not make the rules.

Now raise your glass.

To traditions with purpose and purchasing with intent.

Ed. note: This post was sponsored by The Citizenry. The compensation received in exchange for placement on Wit & Delight is used to purchase props, hire a photographer, write/edit the blog post and support the larger team behind Wit & Delight.

While compensation was received in exchange for coverage, all thoughts and opinions are always my own. Sponsored posts like these allow for the development of additional dynamic content to be produced, unsponsored. Thank you for supporting our partners!

Liz Welle is a professional feelings feeler but gets paid to do social and digital stuff for brands in Minneapolis while occasionally food styling on the side. She lives in Uptown with her boyfriend and their thirteen plants. She is doing her best.




BY Liz Welle - December 15, 2017

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The aesthetics of the cups are to die for! I love how minimalist the style is! ❤

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Grace A.
December 15, 2017 11:13 am

Just popping in to say that I laugh out loud at nearly every article Liz writes. Keep up the great work!

Liz welle
December 15, 2017 2:12 pm
Reply to  Grace A.


December 19, 2017 1:36 pm
Reply to  Liz welle

*making me blush*
This is the equivalent to a “heart” on facebook.

Jeanne Beliveau
December 16, 2017 7:34 am

Great article, Liz. Love that u appreciate tradition, and yes we did tacos for years, it was an easy make ahead meal that could clean up FAST because getting to the presents was more important. And don’t forget the homemade ice cream which was a tradition carried over from your great grandma. And when took off to see the world I passed the ice cream maker off to you. And every Christmas Eve when we were not able to be there in person, I would have the image of tacos and home made ice cream being carried out by you… Read more »

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