Get Sh*t Done: Make Your Home Office Work Harder

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Working from home is the definition of bittersweet. You have the sweet privilege of staying in your jammies the entire day, but the bitter dilemma of getting you and your jammies out of your bed and into your home office. Then, when you actually do successfully reach your desk, it’s another uphill battle to try and stay focused and motivated despite the laundry list of things you see around the house that need to be done and that ever-growing list we all keep constantly running in our heads.

While I’m technically still on maternity leave, I do WFH here and there to make sure things are running smoothly at W&D and at Studio 125. Although I still struggle to stay focused on days I WFH, I have learned a few tips and tricks that help me get sh*t done. Even if I am in my pajamas.

Whether your home office doubles as the kitchen table (like mine) or you have an entire garage dedicated to your hustle, the space you work in deserves attention, too. So in the spirit of making your home office a place of refuge and unlimited productivity, I’ve rounded up a couple of offices that I absolutely love and think will cultivate a focus-friendly environment. What about your home office keeps you on track?

Get Sh*t Done: How to Upgrade Your Home Office – Wit & Delight

Let the good vibes roll. Hang an inspirational message on the wall for days when motivation levels are running low. Sometimes all it takes to kickstart a great day are a few words of encouragement!

Get Sh*t Done: How to Upgrade Your Home Office – Wit & Delight

Make it fun. Decorate your desk with a few of your favorite things to give your office a piece of personal intimacy and sentiment. Don’t feel obligated to make sure everything matches perfectly. Matching can sometimes make a space feel stale and artificial. Your office should feel like you!

Add a few plants. This might seem like a no-brainer, but greenery is a game-changer when it comes to breathing life into a room. Some fun foilage will instantly brighten the mood, perfect for a sometimes gloomy office. Bonus: indoor plants are proven to reduce carbon dioxide levels, increase humidity, and reduce levels of air pollutants. Inhale, exhale.

(Finally) Let’s get truly organized. I know it’s time for an office cleanse when I find myself no longer using my desk compartments because they’re filled to the brim with God knows what. If this is you too, schedule a few hours one afternoon to go through and throw out all the miscellaneous papers, old chapsticks, and whatever else has found its way into your drawers. These IKEA bins have been my saving grace for organizing the mess I call my home office. You can even label them using a dry-erase marker!

Get Sh*t Done: How to Upgrade Your Home Office – Wit & Delight

Invest in a good chair. Whenever I want to justify a spendier purchase, I calculate the cost-per-use or cost-per-wear in my head. If I’m going to wear a $200 pair of jeans at least 200 times, that’s only $1 a wear. No brainer. The same should be taken into consideration when choosing an office chair. Given the amount of time spent sitting at your desk, a comfortable chair is a worthy investment. Take your time when looking for the perfect one and make sure you absolutely love it before purchasing.

Get Sh*t Done: How to Upgrade Your Home Office – Wit & Delight

Add some coziness. Your home office should feel homey. A place where you feel at ease while working to get the job done. To up your cubicle cozy-factor, lay down a soft rug and make sure a warm blanket is within arm’s reach.

Get Sh*t Done: How to Upgrade Your Home Office – Wit & Delight

Give it a fresh coat of paint. Decide what color energizes you most and allows you to focus. Some of you may be vitalized by a vibrant shade of blue like the one I previously used in my home office. Others may prefer a more neutral backdrop that gives off a sense of warmth or calmness. Everyone is different—find out what works best for you and start painting!


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BY Kate Arends - January 25, 2018

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I always loveeee your interior and design posts! Now I wish I had a home office too so I can be in control of how the environment I work in looks. My cubicle at work… sigh!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

January 25, 2018 10:05 am

I feel like Wit & Delight reads my moods/thoughts/situations. I ‘ve been trying to figure out this whole world of freelance and wanting to make my “home office” workable. Then…I go to this page and poof! There are some tips. 🙂

January 25, 2018 5:43 pm

Such awesome tips. I have an office in my home, but I think I need to do some updating because it’s feeling less fresh to me as of late. I really love the idea of a motivating quote on the wall. It’s so cheesy to most people, but I always get a little rush of adrenaline when I connect with a powerful saying.

And if anyone is looking for an uber-comfy chair, the Freedom Chair (with a headrest) is the only one you’ll ever need to own!

January 26, 2018 11:34 am

Any chance you can share the details on the various desks appearing in the above pics? I’m on the hunt for a better desk before I start WFH in March – would love the references for these! Thanks 🙂

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