Simple Resolutions That Will Revitalize Your Body, Mind and Soul

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If you ask me, New Year’s resolutions can be a bit like fruitcake: some people love them; others, well, not so much. Although I’m not the biggest fan of that glowing, old-fashioned, holiday dessert that tends to get tossed straight in the freezer, I do love a delicious serving of self-improvement, which is why — year after year — I find myself plotting and planning resolutions.

Yet, after about three decades of continuously battling the perfectionism that is intricately woven throughout my Type-A personality, I’ve had to learn the ins and outs of steering on the side of caution when it comes to cultivating new goals for the new year. Forget about the whole “New Year, New You” concept — that sends this panicky brain of mine into immediate stress overload.

Instead, I’ve discovered much more resolution-success when I adjust my thinking to a “Start Small, Think Big” kind of mindset. This way, when I craft small (doable) steps that march toward big (long-lasting) improvements, any uninvited pressure that usually creeps in with change seems to magically melt away.

Now, I know the ball has officially dropped and the confetti has fallen to happily welcome 2018. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to strategize some self-improvement. In fact, it’s never too late. Each new day marks a new beginning, so don’t let January 1st be your be-all and end-all starting point if you’re itching for a little refinement. Get ready to revitalize your body, mind, and soul, all while embracing a healthier lifestyle with the seven (read: simple) goals below.

Raise your glass.

Or, in this case, bottle. Not only will staying hydrated with good ‘ole H2O give your skin a nice, warm glow, but as Liz points out here, it will also do wonders for your body. So do yourself a favor and invest in a water bottle you’ll actually want to use. Then, keep it (full) by your side, and chug about 10 big gulps every half hour or so.

Skip the snoozes.

I know, this one is much easier said than done — especially during those cold, bone-chilling winter mornings — but by waking up 10/20/30 minutes early to stretch, set daily intentions, or even squeeze in a quick workout, you’ll essentially have more energy to take on the day, not to mention a more positive attitude.

Go green.

After a season full of holiday cocktails and sweet treats, there’s no better time to press the reset button on refined sugars and processed foods than in January. By infusing more greens into your diet, you’ll instantly start feeling better — mentally, physically, and emotionally. From hearty salads and bountiful quinoa bowls to warm, wholesome soups, I guarantee you’ll feel a difference after just a few days.

Make room for meditation.

I had no idea how much of a game changer meditation was for stress and anxiety until I finally gave in and tried it. Now, I’m hooked. So whether you have five minutes or 50 to spare, I strongly encourage you to give it a go, too. Rolling out a mat, fetching a few crayons, or simply taking a moment to focus on your breath — there are countless ways to practice mental wellness and find your inner bliss, so have fun seeking out what works best for you.

Disconnect to reconnect.

As fun and entertaining as social media can be, let’s be real: it’s not real. And yet, so many of us — myself included — fall into the slippery slope of comparing ourselves and our lives with the highlighted reels we scroll past. Why not take time throughout the next 12 months to disconnect from digital media every now and then and reconnect with old friends and loved ones? Talk, listen, laugh, feel and just…be.

Surprise yourself.

And by that I mean, push your limits. Stretch that comfort zone. Do one thing you’re afraid of. Although the thought of this might sound quite stressful and probably make your palms a bit sweaty, I urge you to go for it. Why? Because you CAN do it. Now, I know we technically don’t know each other, but I do know this Wit & Delight community is one tight-knit group of courageous, ambitious, strong individuals. Therefore, I know YOU CAN TAKE THAT JUMP. And you can bet we’ll be here cheering you on!

Be the light.

Above all, commit to making this year one of compassion, love, and happiness. With all the unfortunate tragedies and uncertainties that have surfaced around the globe in the months prior, we could all benefit from more kindness. By spreading more smiles and opening yourself up to more chance encounters, you’ll be on the fast-track to experiencing a whole lot of gratitude, and you will essentially become the change you wish to see.

Cheers to a beautiful 2018!

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BY Kathryn - January 8, 2018

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I’m going to attempt to surprise myself this year – try new things. I’ve stayed in my comfort bubble too long!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

January 8, 2018 10:24 am

Love reading this! It’s so timely because this is my intention for 2018.

January 8, 2018 11:34 am

I just did my first guided meditation of the year and it went surprisingly well! I think I’m going to try tome different poses since my back can be a bit of a jerk if I’m just sitting straight on the ground, but I’m looking forward to trying out some more sessions!

Just gotta make it a habit and find what works for me!

Lindsey | This Miss Cooks

January 9, 2018 9:29 am

Such good advice! Gonna take the “skip the snooze” thing to practice starting tomorrow as I have an extra early alarm set.
I never gave much thought to meditation (I pray, though) but I think it might just be worth the try. I really love how you described it, and love this list. <3

Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

January 9, 2018 3:23 pm

Wonderfully put! Disconnecting is definitely a big one for me, and being kinder to myself. Letting go of perfectionism is hard, but feels so important given how much “perfection” we see every day through social media. It’s exhausting!

January 13, 2018 10:22 am

Yes, yes, yes to “each new day marks a new beginning” and “start small, think big”. Your words leave me inspired to take better care of myself in a few key ways. Meditation has been high on my list to get around to, and you might have pushed me over the edge to finally arrive. Thanks so much!

January 13, 2018 3:43 pm

I appreciate the encouragement to do something that scares you because you can! I always forget that and I’m going to push myself to do something like that at least once this year. Great list, very inspiring!

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Tanaya Seth
September 12, 2018 6:53 am

Thank you for the tips and motivation. Here are a few exercises to do with your partner too! This will help to stay fit as well as spend time together.

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