Kit & Delight: Our Newest Pet Project Dedicated to a Life Well-Cuddled

When the cat’s away, do mice play? When I went on maternity leave, I left enough wiggle room for our editorial team to dream up new concepts and story ideas for Wit & Delight. As the lifestyle category was evolving, we looked for ways to connect with our readers outside the digital space, bringing opportunities to connect IRL but also through tangible and tactile mediums like print.

Enter our newest pet project and W&D spin-off: Kit & Delight, a print magazine focused on the sacred human/feline bond, aiming to elevate all areas of a cat owner’s life. From decor solutions (like what to do about eye sores like litter boxes) to dealing with relationship issues between a new love interest and kitty, Kit & Delight serves as a platform for cat owners who want to make the most of kitty’s nine lives.

The magazine includes evergreen columns Ask Judy, by Kit & Delight’s Editor-In-Chief Judith Marilyn, and MEEE-OWCH! Notes from Bark Side featuring opinion pieces from persons who subscribe to “anti-cat” living.  We’re proud to be the first magazine to break down the barriers between cat owners and those who despise them, helping to build a better understanding of one another.

Our first issue includes articles such as: “Oh SH*T! Decor Solutions for Kitty Litter Storage,” “My Cat is a Misses Meows-A-Lot, HELP! Tips For Living with a Vocal Feline,” “Cat Wearing for the Fashionably Conscious,” and “How to Cat-apult Your Career.”

Issue 01 is available here, and we’re excited to hear what you think. Please comment below with any thoughts, ideas, or content suggestions you’d like to see in our next issue.

Thank you for supporting us in this new endeavor! Our readers have always been our inspiration and a cat-alylst for change.


Kate and Team W&D