Craving a Backyard Refresh? Here Are 7 Simple Ways to Spruce Up Any Patio

When 18″ of fresh snow gets dumped in your backyard in late April, even the hardiest of Minnesotans begin to wonder if spring would ever arrive. But it DID and now we are basking in the glow of patio season: the best time of the year for all things outdoors, especially when it comes to entertaining. Outdoor living spaces are the perfect way to get the most out use out of your home, and no matter where or how you live – a simple patio refresh can hold the key to your #bestsummerEVER. All patios are unique and different; we put together a few of our favorite patio looks based on who you are and where you live! Did we miss anything? Let us know and we’ll add it to our list. We’d love to hear what decor dream you have for your personal slice of the great outdoors.

The Urban Balcony

For small outdoor nooks, start by adding a few cozy wooden or organic furniture pieces. I also like to work in different neutral-colored textures into the mix. Don’t forget to add in a handful of beautiful potted plants, and a cute little hammock that will really steal the show. These are the main key ingredients we feel will truly make your little urban patio summer-ready.

The Homeowners Haven

When you own a home, you have the luxury to create your very own backyard oasis. This is nice because you can really settle in here. As always, you can begin to achieve this look by introducing a wide array of lush plants, growing your new or current garden, and by making sure to create a cozy and comfortable seating area for you and your guests. I tend to lean toward beautiful wooden furniture and look for bold and earthy pillows to spice up my outdoor area. Sometimes if you are looking to save space, installing a small table or bench is your best bet. If you have room, an outdoor rug can create an effortless hominess and increase the warmth and character of your patio.

The Backyard Entertainer

For those who love to entertain, a great backyard patio set is crucial. Plants, a statement rug, and good lighting are paramount. I like to focus on creating optimal outdoor lighting through string lights or even outdoor candles, but if you really want to make a statement, looking into how you can install permanent outdoor lighting can really go a long way when you are wanting to achieve that coveted backyard ambiance. I also recommend investing in a great dinnerware set with silverware and napkins to wow your guests.

Let’s Recap: Here are the 7 simple ways to spruce up your patio no matter where you live!

  1. Wooden or organic furniture
  2. Beautiful Plants
  3. A hammock
  4. Mix and match textures
  5. Bold or earthy pillows
  6. A patio and dinnerware set
  7. Lighting

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