W&D Children’s Book Round-up: 25 of Our Favorites!

The thing that no one tells you about having kids is how fun all the books, toys, and gear can be for YOU, the parent, aunt, and grandparents. August is a big reader which has spurred the bad (and good) habit of owning a rather large collection of hilarious, beautiful and touching children’s books. Below is a list of my personal favorites, all of which August has come to enjoy as well. If you love design, a subtle nod to parents who have read said book for the 100th time, or you need someone else to explain why it’s embarrassing when they throw a tantrum in Target, this list is for you. Which children’s book are you loving right now?

I Want My Hat Back

Circle, Triangle, Elephant

This Is Not A Book


This Is How We Do It

ABC Touch Think Learn

Hooray for Hat!

One Thousand Things: learn your first words with Little Mouse

Hey, Boy

No Fits, Nilson!

I Won’t Eat That

Cook In A Book: Tacos!


Press Here

The Jolly Post Man

After The Fall


Huggy Kissy

Birds & Other Animals With Pablo Picasso

What Grown Ups Do All Day

Goodnight Construction Site 

The Watermelon Seed

The Day The Crayons Came Home

The Day The Crayons Quit

Dragons Love Tacos