Hygge For All Seasons: A Design Partnership with Hygge & West

Hygge. Admit it; you don’t know how to pronounce it. I didn’t know how to either before I began this two-year journey with Hygge & West, a specialty bedding, and wallpaper retailer, on a Wit & Delight designed line of product. But through the process, I not only learned how to pronounce it, but how to embrace it wholeheartedly.

Living in a climate where we have to embrace life’s cozy moments for half of the year out of survival, I was familiar with the concept of hygge but thought it was honestly more for the time of year when the temperatures dipped below zero. Not true. Hygge is embracing the small moments, no matter what the weather or time of year.

Our partnership with Hygge & West is all about embracing the hygge of the every day; the hydrangeas that bloom in my garden, the delicate ornamentation in a gate, little moments of beauty that I pass by on a daily basis, that I began to notice and embrace once I took the time to slow down.

I’m so proud to have helped guide this line of bedding and wallpaper, inspired by traditional floral and graphic wallpaper motifs. An enormous thank you to Aimee and Christiana, the powerhouse team at Hygge & West for including me in their roster of designers.

Giveaway Alert! We want to know how you embrace the hygge of the everyday! Comment on our latest IG and let us know to be entered in a Wit & Delight for Hygge & West giveaway. One (1) winner will be selected at random Tuesday, June 12th.

The Wit & Delight for Hygge & West collection features four patterns, in varying colors for consideration.
• Hydrangea – A burst of texture and colors reminiscent of some of our favorite flowers.
• Arabesque – A re-imagining of art deco patterning; muted colors with intricate overlays and ornamentation.
• Topiary – Soft background colors ground a visual field of texture reminiscent of topiaries.
• Margot – A refined take on conventional floral patterns, simplicity, and elegance at its finest.

For the record, it’s pronounced “hue-guh.”