Everything I Know About Lighting and How to Set the Mood in Your Home


Since the first time I moved into an apartment of my own, I’ve abided by a personal checklist of requirements that must be met. For example, I insist on having a gas stovetop. Until you live with an electric one, you don’t realize what a luxury it is to live with a gas stove (cooking is muchhh easier). Lighting is another deal breaker. The quality of light in a space has a major impact on both the feel and functionality of a room, dictating the way people interact and move throughout. It is actually so important to me that natural light is the first thing I notice when entering or stepping into a space for the first time. So it was no surprise when I instantly fell in love with the sunshine abundant house we now call home. Relying on the natural light that gleams through the windows made my job rather easy; I sprinkled floor and table lamps throughout, with the addition of several sconces and voila! Our place looked great.

Then, in 2015, Joe and I remodeled and refreshed the main and lower floor of our house. Our goal was to turn our home into an inviting place that people were drawn to and wanted to spend time in. Again, I made lighting a top-priority knowing people gravitate to light the same way moths do to a flame. While remodeling, I learned a thing or two about establishing the quintessential lighting that I hadn’t known prior.

First, you must understand the two most common types of lighting: task and ambient. Task lighting allows us to do a task (makes sense), such as read a book or cook a meal. Ambient lighting helps us navigate a room which includes pendants, chandeliers, or recessed lighting. Typically, I like to select my ambient lighting first then decide on my task lighting. Variety is key, so I recommend working in layers until all necessary areas are illuminated to your liking. Lastly, take size into consideration as a disproportionate fixture can throw off the design mojo of any space.

Since completing the remodel three years back, Joe and I have tasked ourselves to make small updates here and there, to keep our investment well maintained. Although most things have lasted, Joe recently noticed the pendant light hanging above our dining room table was starting to crack and it was also overheating. Concerned it was a fire hazard, replacing the existing lighting was next on our to-do list.

Shortly after, I was put in touch with the highly-esteemed lighting retailer, Hudson Valley Lighting. Striving to create an “out-of-the-box” experience, Hudson Valley Lighting offers a diverse range of lighting options to match a wide variety of styles. Their product offering includes wall sconces, lamps, pendant lights and more at a number of price points.

Here is an overview of W&D’s favorite designs and styles for Hudson Valley Lighting:

Abrams $1,300, Ace $138, Amhurst $1,238, Bertram $320, Canton $1,520, Chambers $1500, Fairport $316, Garden City $396, Astrid $789,

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