22 Different Vintage-Inspired Wallpapers We Can’t Stop Crushing On

Brace yourselves…I think we’re going to sell our 1920s Tudor home and move to the country. I know. I can’t believe these words are coming out of my mouth– the one who never wanted to leave the city and felt that the Twin Cities should be considered a small town. The thing is, life changes and so does what makes you happy.  Big life changes aside, there are three reasons we have decided to pursue this. First: we need more space. The house is getting cramped and we keep coming up with half-baked solutions for managing all of our stuff. It’s actually the perfect size for a small family, but not the right size for the type of businesses Joe and I are in. We constantly have samples, boxes, bags, STUFF that is in transition from our house to the office and there just isn’t a good place to store it all. The other surprising reason is that I feel better when I’m in the country. A LOT better. In fact, when we leave the city to go visit my in-laws, I can feel my blood pressure drop. The idea of leaving work and going to a place that makes me feel like that every day is really becoming something that I not only want, but desperately need. And three, I’m in dire need of a new space to design! I’m essentially having withdrawals from designing if that is even a thing. This all recently led me down a wild and strange rabbit hole which then propelled me into designing my over-sized dream home in the country. But, it also got me to thinking of all the fun wallpaper I could line throughout my potential new home. In the powder rooms, in Birdie’s room and in a corner of the kitchen. What do you think? I’m kind of in love. I worked with the W&D team and gathered some of our favorite wallpaper as of late. I would love to hear, what wallpaper are you crushing on right now? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Sandberg Wallpaper – Ava

Floral Apartments – Dark Floral Vintage Removable Wallpaper

Anthropologie – Artemis Wallpaper

Kate Zaremba Company – Swansy Noir Removable Wallpaper

Watercolor Workshop – Blue Vintage Removable Wallpaper 

LenArt Wallpapers – Blue Bohemian Removable Wallpaper

ColoRay – Tropical Fruits Removable Wallpaper

William Morris & Co – Pimpernel Wallpaper

Hygge & West – Peonies (Copper)

Sanderson Wallpaper – Flamingos

Hygge & West x Wit & Delight – Margot (Copper)

Papermint – 1925 Gold Wallpaper

Hygge & West x Wit & Delight – Topiary (Emerald)

More Bold Florals

More Dainty Botanaicals

More Whimsical Animals

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