From Sketchbook to Wall: Wit & Delight Limited Prints are HERE!

Talking about your work will never feel anything less than terrifying, but I’m here today to share what I’ve been working on all summer! Our Wit & Delight Print Shop has been revamped, reimagined, and redesigned! I’ve been spending most of my days designing and making our line of prints, set to be launched in limited sets each month. Each collection has been curated to live together, alone, or as a set, I also picture them as a collection or gallery wall with a minimal color story always emphasizing and exploring shape, form, and texture.

All of our prints are produced on Moab Entrada Rag fine art paper with archival quality inkjet color. Most prints come in three sizes and pricing ranges from $36 to $99.

The first line features a mixture of cut paper collages, digital painting, and sketches from the past year. I curated these pieces based on what I wanted to hang in my own home with colors that are both neutral with thoughtful uses of color.

There are two sets of multiple prints: Geometric Prints (set of 4) and Two of a Kind (set of 2).

These prints will be available for a limited time and we will replace them with a new set in the coming weeks! Let us know what you’re liking, and what colors you’d like to see. Any additional feedback is helpful. Thanks for supporting our passion projects like this one!!