Have You Seen Our Latest Collaboration?!

Say hello to the Wit & Delight x Gathre Collection!! I’m so excited to see my prints come to life on these beautiful and useful leather mats. The patterns created for our mats were derived from sketchbooks I filled throughout my second pregnancy. Using only a Japanese brush pen and a 6’x8′ notebook, these sketches were inspired by my environment– from architecture, vintage textiles, and fields of flowers. It is so exciting to see these small moments come alive in the form of these beautiful mats that my family can enjoy for years to come! You can browse the collection of three patterns below.

We’ve used Gathre mats for EVERYTHING. Not only do they go with us everywhere (there is always a large mat rolled up in the back of my car) but we use them at the office, too. Whether I’m painting or working on a mixed media project, Gathre mats have become a lovely way to dedicate a space for making and getting messy during my workday.

Wit & Delight for Gathre is available at Gathre.com. Prices start at $30.