October is Here, the Perfect Time to Set Intentions

When was the last time you stopped to think about the why behind your behaviors? Beyond fulfilling a deadline or brief, we make hundreds (maybe even thousands) of small decisions each day that get little to no thought at all. It wasn’t until I had a rather eye-opening doctors appointment revealing my cortisol levels were at dangerous levels that I’ve been forced to step back and think about how I live my life might by inadvertently affecting my health.

For me, this month will be all about tapping into my subconscious and allowing my head and heart to work in tandem again. Through setting intentions that are less about goal-setting and more about giving what is so often overlooked the attention it deserves, I am hoping the next 31(ish) days bring me a little closer to finding fulfillment in everyday moments, finding peace with the person I am (sans accolades and completed to-do lists).

A few of our contributors will be tackling topics like how to get back to nutrition, goal-setting for the remainder of the year or setting intentions around how to handle grief. As I work on essays on work addiction, parting ways with hustling, and finding ways to come to peace with the fact none of us can slow down time. We can only change our relationship with it.

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