12 Stylish IKEA Hacks That’ll Make You Feel Like a Pro

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If you’ve been following Wit & Delight for any amount of time you probably know that myself and the entire W&D team has quite the love affair (or more appropriately, obsession) with IKEA. It seems we are always there buying new items for the studio, preparing for our latest photo shoot, or taking a stab at the hottest IKEA hack. I’ve gotten so good at putting IKEA furniture together, in fact, that I’ve come to actually enjoy the process. You’ve got to power through a lot of hours of furniture assembly to reach that level of crazy, trust me.

If you’re as crazy as we are for IKEA, you might be interested in trying your hand at any of our favorite recent projects. Our team put together 12 of the most stylish IKEA DIY upgrades for you to try. These are all so easy that upon completion, you will feel like a pro. What home decor projects are you tackling at your house lately, I would love to hear!

1. (above) Retro cabinet // Perhaps our favorite IKEA upgrade is this retro-inspired cabinet from Domino. The stunning color palette and style make it easy to integrate into any room. Switch up the paint colors to suit your taste and you’re good to go!

12 Stylish IKEA Upgrades That'll Make You Feel Like a Pro – Wit & Delight

2. A fresh coat of paint // There’s really nothing a good paint color can’t fix! Give a simplistic bed frame a makeover with a pretty shade of green.

12 Stylish IKEA Upgrades That'll Make You Feel Like a Pro – Wit & Delight

3. Cardboard play sets // Furniture isn’t the only thing that can be upgraded from IKEA. Ever have a pile of their cardboard boxes in your home after a weekend of putting everything together? Try turning some of those into fun cardboard toys.

12 Stylish IKEA Upgrades That'll Make You Feel Like a Pro – Wit & Delight

4. Midcentury modern shelving // This is one you can do in an afternoon! The classic Kallax gets a mid-century modern update with the easy addition of some legs.

12 Stylish IKEA Upgrades That'll Make You Feel Like a Pro – Wit & Delight

5. Dresser-drawer combo // Think outside the IKEA box when considering a renovation. This upgrade combines pieces to create the perfect combo for a little girl’s room. The leather pulls make it even more chic.

12 Stylish IKEA Upgrades That'll Make You Feel Like a Pro – Wit & Delight

6. Splattered plates // Remember that coat of paint? Splatter it! These food-safe party plates are the perfect mix of style and fun.

12 Stylish IKEA Upgrades That'll Make You Feel Like a Pro – Wit & Delight

7. Floating credenza // Extra storage always comes at the price of floor space– not in this one! This floating credenza adds space for extra linens or reading materials and also looks great.

12 Stylish IKEA Upgrades That'll Make You Feel Like a Pro – Wit & Delight

8. Office desk with the prettiest legs // Desk legs can make all the difference on an IKEA desk. They can make a $50 desk look like a million bucks. The best part? This IKEA upgrade will take you less than an hour.

12 Stylish IKEA Upgrades That'll Make You Feel Like a Pro – Wit & Delight

9. Leather-handled dresser // Little leather details are some of the most eye-catching additions to simple pieces. This dresser is an easy upgrade that can go anywhere in your home.

12 Stylish IKEA Upgrades That'll Make You Feel Like a Pro – Wit & Delight

10. Toddler learning tower // Tiny hands always wanting to help around the kitchen? Let them! And give them their very own space. This learning tower keeps them safe and at eye-level with their workspace.

12 Stylish IKEA Upgrades That'll Make You Feel Like a Pro – Wit & Delight

11. Hanging entryway baskets // Looking for a 5 minute IKEA upgrade? Move your usual storage baskets from the floor to some hooks. Add some chalk labels and you’ll be the most organized house on the block.

12 Stylish IKEA Upgrades That'll Make You Feel Like a Pro – Wit & Delight

12. New cabinet fronts // We can’t talk enough about our Reform cabinet fronts in the studio! They’re easy enough to install and are a total game-changer. No one would ever guess they were from IKEA.

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BY Kate Arends - November 2, 2018

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