Home Is Where The Heart Is

As we ease into the last two months of 2018, many of us will have “home” on our minds. The home where we grew up, the home we found in our friends at college, the home we’ve started to build for ourselves. For some, home is in the back seat of their car with a different view out their window each morning. For me, it’s where my kids’ messes spill over into my workspace at the kitchen table and the peacefulness of Joe and I enjoying a fire after putting the chaos of the day back inside their baskets and boxes.

Many of us will open our homes to family and friends at the end of this month in a big act of gratitude. We will feed them and share the backdrop of our most intimate family moments with them. Our plates will become theirs and through the giving and receiving of food and drink we will (hopefully) become closer and more known to one another.

This month we will be talking about home in a variety of contexts on Wit & Delight: how our physical spaces affect our well being, how to be a good guest in someone else’s home, how to bring home on the road with you, and how to find your way back home if you’ve been feeling lost physically, emotionally or spiritually.

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Happy November everyone.

– Kate


  • I LOVE THIS!!! My boyfriend moved into my house this summer and we are hosting Thanksgiving for both our families! Our parents have never met so I’m both nervous and excited. Got any tips for getting over the awkward intros?

  • I’ve started to think it’s time for me and my boyfriend to move in together. We’ve been together almost 18 months but he travels a lot and being an introvert needs more of his own space than most and I’m afraid what moving in together might do to the relationship.
    So, I’d be very interested in reading if you might have tips on how to make moving in together a smooth process, how to make things work when 2 people’s own spaces merge into one shared space and how peace may be kept after such a change. Change is always a shock to the system anyway 🙂

    Teresa | outlandishblog.com

  • Global design firm, Ideo, recently posted on IG about a research project they are working on about homelessness in San Fran…
    ideoorg- “What makes a home? Is it security, love, comfort, food, structure? This question is on our minds as we finish up a research sprint to gain insights into the homelessness experience in San Francisco.” W&D voice on this topic would be fantastic given Kate’s deep roots in design and the Hiawatha encampment in the Twin Cities right now. https://www.instagram.com/ideoorg/

  • Finding home and comfort in our own bodies and minds. This is such a challenge for all of us and if we can master that, we truly can find “home” anywhere.

  • Hello Kate and others,
    Your post is the subject of my autobiographic narrative written for my family and interested others. I concluded that in recall of memories from the past 65 years, I have had several places that were home: College dorms and housing for instance, but tend to agree with the comment by Sheri as above. I am publishing next month but still deciding the final title. Happy posting!