Let Me Guess Your Boot Personality (a la Buzzfeed)


Photos by Judith Marilyn

You know when it’s 3pm and you don’t want to work on anything productive so you head on over to Buzzfeed?

Yeah [cough, cough] me either.

But for real, I am an absolute sucker for those Buzzfeed personality quizzes. They mean absolutely nothing, but I can’t help myself from answering them. I’m sure that there is some psychological reasoning and rationale that was researched in determining which pop culture couple you and you SO are, but I’m far more interested in knowing if Joe and I are a “Jim and Pam” or a “Ross and Rachel” (GASP!)

So, in the spirit of fun, and to help guide your gift purchasing this holiday season, I have tried my hand at creating my own ad hoc version of the personality quiz, which Blundstone boot most defines you? I’ve been pounding the pavement in my Blundstones for years now and it is always fun to see another person in a well-worn pair. If the brand is new to you, the quiz is a fun way to explore the styles!

Enjoy! And- if you like this sort of thing, comment below with your favorite kinds of quizzes!! We’ll add it to our 2019 editorial calendar!

Choose a Beverage

Choose Your Ideal Vacation

Choose a Word That Best Describes You

What Are You Binge-Watching?

What's Your Favorite Dessert?

Which Boot Style Are You?
The City Slicker

The City Slicker - You are not interested in trends, but looking for a hard-working boot that will go with just about anything. You thrive on routine, but don't mind shaking it up a bit (with advanced notice, preferably). I recommend the classic Blundstone Dress Boot to take you from day to night.
The Go Getter

There is no stopping you; literally or figuratively. You have 20 tabs open in your browser, with an even larger mental load. You are looking for excitement, but also need to be pragmatic. With your head in the clouds, you need strong boots for your feet. I recommend the Blundstone Lace Up boot, which will take you from early-morning coffee meeting to happy hour.
The Trendsetter

You don't lead or follow, but dance to your own tune. Clothing is an expression of yourself, and you aren't afraid to be unabashedly who you are. You are looking for a boot that works with skinny jeans, to pencil skirts. Something that will last longer than this year's fad. I recommend the Blundstone Heeled Boot.
The Adventurer

"Danger" is your middle name. Well, maybe not quite that extreme, but you've never shied away from a challenge. You're always on the lookout for the next adventure, and love being outdoors. You need a boot that is tough enough to handle any and every type of weather or terrain, be it a mountaintop hike or the new sidewalk cafe. Check out Blundstone's Original 500 or 550s.

In case you aren’t the quiz type, here is an overview of some of our favorite Blundstone styles.

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