What 10 Years of Blogging Taught Me

It’s hard to escape the past when you’ve written about it almost weekly for a decade. When I started Wit & Delight, I had little to no expectations for what would become of this little platform. 3.3 million followers later, each comment, like or note of thanks hasn’t lost its luster. Even with a thousand blog posts under my belt, I still hold my breath as I put my thoughts out into the world, never fully believing in its value.

Last year I knew in my gut the Wit & Delight of the past decade needed to change significantly in 2019, and not just because of a changing media landscape. We outgrow the people we are, shed our skin, and emerge transformed. This website has been the vehicle for transformation for me and I’ve changed in ways I didn’t know possible simply because I showed up and had the courage to share what I was thinking.

And today, the lifestyle website that began as a self-serving platform has transformed into a vehicle for others to share their experiences. I have discovered the reason I keep this website running is my deep love and curiosity for the human condition. The connections most important to me come not just from what we find in common, but from what makes us different and what makes us uncomfortable. When I think about what Wit & Delight should look like in the next decade, I find myself excited by understanding why we make the lifestyle choices we do and how they affect the way we show up in the world— a world that is more awake to the undercurrent of divisiveness and disruption of establishment than ever before. With all this turmoil, can internal questions help us better navigate the future? What makes us strive to better understand ourselves and what happens when we come to peace with all the questions? What happens to our relationships with others when we see both the dark and light sides of ourselves as equally valuable? Can self-awareness help us move into an era where we treat every human with dignity? How do the little choices we make every day improve or hinder our relationship with ourselves? Could something as simple as a serene space help us heal after divorce? What does our relationship with things say about ourselves?

For every comment we’ve received about “sticking to the light stuff” I’ve taken it as a sign we’re moving in the right direction. Because to me, a lifestyle brand is about showing people how to make room for the whole person they are (the good and the bad) and figuring out how to enjoy life based on their truest self. And that means lifestyle choices will be different for every human. Even the littlest of things.

Thanks for sticking with me for the past decade. It’s crazy to know there are more than a handful of you who remember the beginning of this journey. And please know that you are the reason I keep coming back and pushing to evolve Wit & Delight. We will always continue to grow up, get better, and progress into something entirely new.

And with that, we move into the next chapter.