My Perfect Parisian Packing List: The Winter Edition

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I’d argue Paris isn’t first and foremost the most romantic city in the world. It is the most beautiful city in the world, and the French will be the first to say it. For all the complaining we Americans do about how the French so willingly share a negative or unpopular opinion, they have certain standards for the way things are. And that embrace of le critique is why beauty (and dare I say enjoyment for the sake of enjoyment) remains core to what it means to be Parisian.

Now, I share very little in common with the French. I don’t look anywhere near as chic in a white tee, black skinny jeans, and cool boots than just about every other woman you see trotting around La Marais.

But, what I do share with the French is wanting everything…. and I’m talking even the smallest little thing like the way a coffee cup feels in your hand… to be considered and beautiful. I mean, if you are going to make something, why not make it with beauty in mind? It is an obsession with frivolity and nuance that I know bothers many people who work (and live) with me, so when I’m in Paris I feel like I’ve found my people. I can complain about wanting something just so without being the asshole of the group. And I can’t wait for 3 days of pure enjoyment— through food, wine, fashion, and beauty in all its nuances.

We WILL be sharing a travel guide when I return but today, I thought I’d share my packing list, especially because packing for a trip to Paris in the winter requires a little bit of a different approach.

shop TOp           |            SHOP TOP            |            SHOP TOP

shop BOTTOM         |         SHOP BOTTOM         |          SHOP BOTTOM

shop top           |            SHOP TOP            |            SHOP TOP

shop BOTTOM         |         SHOP BOTTOM         |          SHOP BOTTOM

shop top           |            SHOP TOP            |            SHOP TOP

shop BOTTOM         |         SHOP BOTTOM         |          SHOP BOTTOM

shop top           |            SHOP TOP            |            SHOP TOP

shop BOTTOM         |         SHOP BOTTOM         |          SHOP BOTTOM

shop top           |            SHOP TOP            |            SHOP TOP

shop BOTTOM         |         SHOP BOTTOM         |          SHOP BOTTOM

shop top           |            SHOP TOP            |            SHOP TOP

shop BOTTOM         |         SHOP BOTTOM         |          SHOP BOTTOM

shop now           |            SHOP now            |            SHOP now

BY Kate Arends - February 6, 2019

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February 6, 2019 1:20 pm

Highly recommend switching to right angle lightning cables these are so much more functional if you intend to use your device while plugged in.

February 6, 2019 2:59 pm

This makes me want to go to Paris right about now!

February 7, 2019 3:26 am

Hi! French girl living in Paris here 🙂
I agree with everything you said about Paris and beauty! One thing though, why do Americans girls coming to Paris all wear berets?! Nobody wear them in France… I do not get the obsession ^^

February 7, 2019 8:15 am
Reply to  Florence

And no one wears them in the US either… so who is wearing the berets? Lol

February 13, 2019 5:33 am

Thank you for the article. Really incredible. I am glad that I can make one of them. A trip to Paris is always something beautiful. Last time I earned money for the trip on the site You can try if the funds for the trip are a little. Good luck to you.
March 10, 2019 8:24 am

When are you going to post your Paris recommendations? I am headed there soon:)

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