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I’ll just say it. It’s hard to look at all the incredible rooms on the internet and NOT think… I wonder how much that costs!? Or, I could NEVER afford that. Or, HOW CAN THEY AFFORD THAT? And while the topic of budget is something not everyone feels comfortable about, I thought I would take my favorite high-end designers and turn their beautiful work into something at least some of us can afford. If anything, each of the designers below has inspired me to take risks in different ways and look for great deals whenever I’m out thrifting or antiquing. Because the one thing they have in common (aside from clients with big budgets) is the ability to bring a distinct personality out in any room. Enjoy!

Athena Calderone

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After successfully designing seven spaces together, Athena Calderone (the face behind lifestyle site EyeSwoon) and her husband, Victor, decided they were going to tackle a Brooklyn townhouse, something new and different from any home in the past. The results are marvelous; the Cobble Hill home earning its spot as the couples “forever home”. Calderone salvaged what she could of the home’s historic foundations, including ornate mantels and chandeliers. Although you may not find those items while scouring your favorite home decor sites, we’ve gathered a few pieces we think play the part.

Darryl Carter

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In 1997, renowned designer, Darryl Carter, bought his Washington D.C. home with plans to restore its generous proportions followed by some much-needed cosmetic changes. Most of the home’s walls remain white, providing a noble backdrop for its’ primitive figures and beautiful objects that are carefully placed throughout. Although you might not guess it at first glance, one of Carter’s top priorities is comfort, knowing that “anything that is harmed can be repaired”. Channel your inner Darryl Carter, and sprinkle beautiful accents like Trophy Urns or Rosenblatt Hand-Knotted Rug.

Jonathan Adler

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Last year, noteworthy designer Jonathan Adler and his partner, Simon Doonan, made the decision to give their Greenwich Village home a makeover. The pair shuffled the existing rooms around, turning their old bedroom into Jonathan’s home office and the living room into a new dining room. Designed to emulate buzzwords such as bold, glamorous, and memorable, the pad is outfitted with brightly-colored high-end furniture, Jonathan Adler pieces, and unique flea-market finds. Spice things up and give your home a touch of glam by adding an Embroidered Throw Pillow or an eye-catching print like “The Metador” by local artist, Kate Worum.

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BY Kate Arends - March 29, 2019

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