The Age-Old Age Issue: Rewriting The Rules for Growing Older

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Aging is a taboo subject, one that we as women are reminded constantly of the rules from early on. You never ask a woman’s age. You’re too young/too old to be talking about (fill in the blank). Magazines, videos, entire industries are directed at women to prevent or reverse the aging process. But when you think about it, how has the one experience we ALL share become a vehicle for suppressing an entire gender? It’s pretty crazy to think our value as women has an expiration date, and my heart aches thinking about all the women who had come before me whose vast wisdom and knowledge wasn’t passed on.

So, how do we shift the dynamic and change the discussion on aging to be more positive? If we change our relationship with the idea of aging (removing the fear of the inevitable) can we really write our own narratives around how to age well?

I started thinking about how my vision of the future would be different, had I not feared growing older. Growing into my skin, finding self-reliance, feeling the freedom of really, genuinely, not caring what anyone from high school thinks of me now, all those things seemed foreign to me way back when I thought 35 was “old.” Rather than fight aging at every turn, I want to do my best to embrace my journeys around the sun, no matter the number.  

This month we declare our own rules for anti-aging. It’s no longer about preventing age, but reinventing how you age. We celebrate every stage and age of womanhood through truth, humor, and candor. There are too many articles and voices out there telling women they are either “too old” or “too young” to be a value to contribute to society as a whole. If we are all both “too old” or “too young” is there a right age?

Whatever your age, you have wisdom and experience to share, and your voice heard.

Through a series of essays, and interviews, we begin to tackle the topic of aging among women. This month we bridge the gap between women of all generations through sharing the wisdom between those just starting out, and those of us that are finishing their second (or third) acts.

I hope that even in the smallest way, we can begin to change the script around what it means to live well at every age. By challenging our mainstream standards of beauty and identifying where they’ve influenced our platform, we will be working all year long to explore beauty beyond youth. Because to us, it is clear that beauty has no expiration date.

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BY Kate Arends - March 1, 2019

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May 29, 2019 6:22 am

Three Guys Immediately Came To Help Shaky Older Couple While Cop Is Making The Video

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