April W&D Theme: Can Decluttering Really Change Your Life?


There are approximately 10,000+ books on decluttering your life and hundreds of thousands more articles online promising to once and for all help save you from your junk drawer and improve your life overnight. The home organization industry was reportedly an 8.8 BILLION dollar industry in 2017! While the yearly ritual of opening the windows, deep-cleaning, and starting fresh is therapeutic, this task, while indeed satisfying, only touches upon a single aspect of one’s being. But as we are more than just our physical presence, can we also deep-clean our emotions? How about those skeletons in our closets? Can we Marie Kondo those as well?

This month, we are going to explore how to spring clean not only your physical world but digital, emotional and mental spaces.

Join us as we examine how to clear the cobwebs in all of the aspects of your life. Exploring your physical space as a form of self-care, talking with an organization expert (no, not Marie Kondo!). Finding focus in the digital age, and remembering you are not your social profile (I need this reminder!!); taking a moment to consider what narratives one tells themselves, emotional fact vs. fiction.

What else can you expect to read this month? Here are some topics we look forward to discussing on Wit & Delight this April:

  • How to Clean Your Emotional House
  • How Losing Everything Changed My Relationship with Stuff
  • Life Hacks for Small Spaces
  • Let it go Girl, How to Live a Drama Free Lifestyle
  • I Spent the Entire Weekend without My Phone and this is What I Learned
  • 10 Must-Have Items for Women Looking to Live a Healthier and More Simplified Life

With digital decluttering in mind, we are launching our new website this month! The new site, which organizes our articles by category, is designed with the reader in mind. It will now be easier than ever before to find the content you love.

This fresh start feels decidedly different than all previous iterations. It is a home designed with our community in mind, to bring all our content to you in a more accessible and discoverable layout, while introducing all the new ways Wit & Delight comes to life, through recommendations, exclusive products, thoughtful experiences, courses that cut through the BS, and all the contributing writers you’ve come to know and love.

Are you excited!? I hope so.

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BY Kate Arends - April 1, 2019

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April 1, 2019 11:28 am

Dear Kate,

I do enjoy the look of your blog because it has a certain cleanish(just made that word up, lo) l
‘look’ to it. It is not overloaded with way too much stuff. Some sites suffer this problem and I am not sure why. The most important point is that it looks great and thanks for giving us issues and ideas worth checking out. Cool stuff in my mind, hehhe.

April 1, 2019 2:55 pm

I am almost more excited for digital decluttering than physical. It is simply so easy to not realize how much emotional turmoil all the digital clutter can cause, until you’ve cleared it all out and automatically feel so much better!

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